A drunk woman slept with her golden retriever in her arms, then cried loudly when she woke up

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Adults encounter many things every day, which need to be solved by themselves. When they encounter something more annoying, they will drink a little wine. But many people don’t control their drinking ability and get drunk easily. However, some people who drink poorly drink will do some shocking things, which will make them very embarrassed when they wake up.

The woman slept with her golden retriever in her arms after being drunk, and burst into tears after waking up

A woman went out with her friends not long ago At the party, I accidentally drank too much because I was having a lot of fun. The woman was already unconscious at the time, so she had no choice but to be sent home with the help of her friends.

The woman hugged the golden retriever to sleep after being drunk, and cried loudly after waking up

Although the woman lived alone, she raised a golden retriever He is a golden retriever, and he always takes great care of his golden retriever. He often buys him various snacks and takes him out for walks. Because the woman came home late that night, after being sent home, she found that the golden retriever was also sleeping on her bed, so the woman hugged the dog tightly and went to sleep.

Although the woman usually likes to sleep with her dog in her arms, she was drunk that day and was a little unconscious, so she hugged the dog very tightly and fell asleep. Although she was drunk, the woman was still strong. She hugged the golden retriever tightly in her arms, which directly caused the golden retriever to have difficulty breathing.

The golden retriever was struggling hard at that time, and while struggling, he accidentally scratched the woman. But the woman was so drunk that she didn't realize it at all. When she woke up the next day, she found that she was covered in scars, and the golden retriever beside her seemed to be a little injured. After she woke up, she burst into tears.

After her mood stabilized, the woman hurriedly took the dog to the hospital and asked the doctor to perform some simple treatments. Fortunately, neither she nor the dog were seriously injured, otherwise the woman would have regretted her drunken behavior very much. From then on, the woman decided not to drink more to avoid such an incident happening again.

The editor’s warm reminder is that when you are drunk, in order toYou can eat some tofu to sober up. Because tofu contains cysteine, it can detoxify ethanol and promote the excretion of ethanol in wine after consumption, thereby achieving the purpose of hangover. Friends who like to drink frequently can learn about it briefly.