A paradise for herbivorous pets. I have billions of rabbits but I don’t know how lucky I am. Can the pet owner give them to me?

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Many pet owners love rabbits and want to raise rabbits. A country goes to great lengths to protect its own rabbits. Because they have billions of rabbits there! A paradise for herbivorous pets. There are billions of rabbits, but no one knows how lucky they are. Pet owner: Don’t drive away, just give me one.

There is a country with a very good climate. How good is it? It is warm as spring, with gentle breeze and drizzle all year round, and the climate is always so mild and pleasant. Therefore, the residents are very comfortable, their grass is also very comfortable, and it is easy to grow luxuriantly. The herbivores there are also very happy, and the grass is especially rich. In short, this is a paradise for herbivores and even pets.

Herbivore pet paradise, I have billions of rabbits but I don't know how lucky I am. Pet owner: Can I give it to me

Such a good place is naturally suitable for the development of animal husbandry. Therefore, they raised many cattle and sheep, collected some fresh milk, and ate some beef and mutton. It can also be used for export, making my life very comfortable.
Until the appearance of the rabbit broke all the peace. Rabbits have a very strong reproductive capacity. A pair of rabbits can grow freely in the wild. As long as there is enough food and regardless of close relatives, they can theoretically develop into at least 144 pairs of rabbits in a year. So, one day out of nowhere, billions of rabbits appeared here, reaching up to 10 billion.
When there are too many rabbits, they cause havoc every day. They eat nothing but food all day long, constantly destroying all kinds of vegetation and even farmland greening. A piece of green space has been gnawed so bare by them that even the trees can no longer survive.

Herbivore pet paradise, I have billions of rabbits but I don't know how blessed I am. Pet owner: Can I give it to you?

In order to drive away and kill these rabbits, they thought of many ways, including digging holes, setting traps, using medicine, and using poison gas. Even helicopters were dispatched just to spray pesticides to get rid of these "abominable" rabbits. Unfortunately, the results were not ideal, because rabbits reproduce too quickly, and they still have a lot of rabbits running rampant everywhere. This struggle lasted for nearly a hundred years until a virus was introduced.Got these rabbits under control.
This country is Australia. But everything has advantages and disadvantages. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep such a cute rabbit as a pet? Even if you don’t raise it yourself, you can still export it to other countries. There are so many rabbits, whether they are eaten or raised. I believe that Chinese pet owners and netizens will like it very much. Of course, rabbits are so cute, how can they eat rabbits~

Herbivorous pet paradise, owning billions of rabbits but not knowing how blessed you are, pet owner: Can you give them to me

This reminds people of an animal that is also rampant in their country: kangaroos. Although as a national treasure, it was still very popular in the early days, but later because there were too many of them. Even though it is a national treasure, its quantity is still inevitably controlled. In the end, we either end up on our own dining table, or we export and continue on to other countries’ dining tables.
It can only be said that Australia always encounters some "messy" herbivores. The numbers are huge at every turn, green plants are destroyed at every turn, and they can’t be controlled no matter how hard they get. It’s really a “disastrous” situation.