A villager dug up bamboo shoots and caught a mountain eel and posted it on WeChat to arouse curiosity. It turned out to be

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This thing looks like a snake or a lizard, so strange. Who is it? Professionals verified that this "mountain eel" is not a simple one. It is called a crisp snake lizard, and it is a nationally endangered protected animal.

A villager dug up bamboo shoots and caught a

Photo It was originally uploaded to Moments by Wang Guohui, a villager in Houfan Village, Dayan Town. A few days ago, he went up the mountain to dig bamboo shoots and found an animal that looked like a snake in the bamboo forest, but it was different from a snake. Wang Guohui said that when he was working in the mountains, he occasionally saw them, which were relatively small. They were called "mountain eels" in the local dialect. "The one I encountered this time was the largest, more than 50 centimeters long, and the body was as thick as an adult man's thumb."

As can be seen from the photo, the "Mountain eel" looks like a snake, gray-brown in color, with a head like an eel, blue stripes on the front half, and a thick and short tail. In the circle of friends, almost no one knows me, and the discussion is quite lively.

Officer Zhang Lingzhi from the Forestry Public Security Department of Fenghua District recognized it at a glance. The scientific name of this "mountain eel" is the crisp snake lizard. It is listed as an endangered protected animal in the Animal Red Data Book and is one of the three nationally protected animals.

Police officer Zhang said that in Zhejiang, brittle snake lizards are mainly distributed in Lin'an, Jingning, Longquan, Suichang and other areas in western Zhejiang, and their numbers are not large. What Master Wang photographed was an adult brittle lizard. It is rare to grow to such a large size. At present, the snake lizard has been released into the forest by the villagers.

A villager dug up bamboo shoots and caught a

According to According to data, the brittle snake lizard is an animal of the genus Basilisidae and is named because its tail is easy to break. In my country, brittle snake lizards are mainly distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hunan and other places. The snake lizard is rare in number and secretive by nature, making it difficult to see. It looks like a snake and has no limbs. It feeds mainly on earthworms, slugs or beetle larvae. All basilisks are non-venomous.