Breeder, what should you do if your cat can’t bury its feces?

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In the process of raising cats, you will always encounter many interesting things. Of course, some of them are quite strange for people who are just starting to raise cats. However, there are also poop scoopers who encounter cats that don’t know how to bury poop. So what should they do if the cat can’t bury poop? The editor will tell you the solution below.

Teacher: What should I do if my cat can't bury poop?

1. Teach the cat to bury its feces through human demonstration

If a cat is not taught by its mother when it is young, it will not be able to bury its own feces, so at this time it is necessary to teach the cat to bury its feces artificially. The owner can grab the cat's paws after every time it goes to the toilet, and then bury the feces. After burying it, the owner can reward the cat appropriately with snacks such as cat strips or dried fish. After many times of training, the cat can form a conditioned reflex. Cats will bury their own feces.

2. Learn the skill of burying feces from the mother cat

If conditions permit, the owner can let the kitten live with the mother cat, so that the kitten can slowly learn from the mother cat Learn the skill of burying poop. In this case, the owner does not have to worry about teaching the kitten to bury poop.

Teacher: What should I do if my cat can't bury poop?

3. Clean the litter box in time

The cat is Animals love cleanliness. If the litter box is too dirty, the cat will quickly escape after excreting instead of burying the feces. Therefore, the owner must clean the litter box for the cat regularly and prepare suitable cat litter. Otherwise, too little cat litter will not be enough to bury.