Do you know the common diseases and prevention methods of Belgian Tambilian dogs?

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The Belgian Tavern, also known as Teveron and Teveron, is a medium-sized dog. Its shape is relatively well-proportioned, its figure is elegant, and it gives people a gentle and elegant feeling. Coupled with its alertness, loving personality and high degree of obedience, many people are very happy to raise it. But in fact, it is not so easy to raise a Belgian Terbillian dog. You need to understand some of its common diseases and prevention methods, so that it can accompany us healthily.

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1. Skin diseases

In order to resist extreme weather, the Belgian Tambilian It has thick hair, the hair texture is relatively rough, and the undercoat is very thick. It is also because of this that Belgian Terbillian dogs are prone to skin diseases, and the main cause of skin diseases is: parasites such as lice, ticks, and fleas are parasitic in the thick hair.

Control methods:

1. You can use some insecticides for rubbing, or use medicated baths. Commonly used agents include deltamethrin, melothrin, carbamate, benzyl benzyl ester, trichlorfon, amitraz, carbaryl, etc. They are effective against parasites such as lice, ticks, and fleas. It has the effect of killing insects. As for the specific usage and dosage, it is recommended to consult the local pet hospital.

2. If the dog's skin disease is more serious, you can use some ointment to smear on the affected area. Common ointments include sulfur ointment, mercury sulfur zinc ointment, etc., which can well relieve skin itching caused by mites.

3. At present, there are subcutaneous injections of insecticides in major pet hospitals, such as ivermectin, avermectin, etc. You can take your dog to a nearby pet hospital for injection.

4. In addition to the above methods, there is currently a more convenient and safe method of deworming, which is to wear a special collar for the dog. Kill lice, ticks, fleas and other parasites.

5. Of course, in addition to the importance of deworming, the usual prevention is also very important. Although the hair of Belgian Tenbillian dogs is relatively thick, it is easy to get skin diseases, but as long as you usually pay attention to the dog Clean, it can prevent the occurrence of skin diseases very well.

2. Fever

The large temperature difference between day and night is the main cause of fever in Belgian Tenbillian dogs. For example, in spring and autumn, the temperature is higher during the day and lower at night. In this environment, it is easy to cause fever in Belgian Terbillian dogs, accompanied by symptoms such as increased body temperature, cough,Runny nose and photosensitivity tears etc.

Prevention methods:

1. First of all, keep warm for the dog, and pay attention to light diet. Secondly, you can give the dog some antipyretic and analgesic drugs, such as Antongding, Analgin, Quanbaoan, Quanbingkang and so on.

2. If the fever is serious, you need to take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible, so as not to delay the condition.

3. Digestive problems

Because of dietary problems, it is easy to cause problems in the dog's digestive system, such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Common symptoms include loss of appetite, inactivity, frequent diarrhea and so on.

Prevention methods:

1. If you have Huoxiang Zhengqi water at home, you can force-feed the dog. If the symptoms are mild, you can feed a quarter of the bottle. If it is more serious, you can feed half of it. In addition, the diet is mainly liquid food, and food with high protein, such as boiled eggs, should be supplemented appropriately.

2. If the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea are still severe, it is recommended to send it to the pet hospital for treatment to check whether it is suffering from some kind of disease.

Fourth, trembling

The reasons for the trembling symptoms of Belgian Terbillian dogs can be roughly divided into three types. 1. Shivering when feeling cold, or shivering after taking a shower with wet hair. 2. Trembling caused by some fright. 3. There is a problem with the nervous system of the dog, often due to trembling caused by diseases such as encephalitis and canine distemper.

Prevention methods:

1. If you are shivering because of the cold, you need to keep the dog warm and live in a comfortable environment.

2. If you are shaking because you are frightened, you need to give the dog some care and comfort, such as hugging it or playing with the dog for a while.

3. If the shivering is caused by some diseases, such as encephalitis and canine distemper, it needs to be sent to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible, so as not to delay the condition.

Okay, the above is about the common diseases and prevention methods of Belgian Tenbillian dogs. Do you know all about them?