Giant panda Nuan Nuan was returned to Malaysia and is now living happily in her hometown in Sichuan!

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I believe many people can’t resist the cuteness and cuteness of giant pandas. The giant panda is unique to China in the world. It is not only our country's national treasure, but also plays a huge role in diplomacy. Moreover, as China’s international influence increases and its economic strength increases, many countries will use [giant panda diplomacy] when establishing diplomatic relations with China or seeking further cooperation.

Giant panda Nuannuan was returned to Malaysia, and now he is living happily in his hometown in Sichuan!

Before 1984, my country's giant pandas They are sent directly to other countries for adoption. After the system reform, China's giant pandas are only rented and not sold to the outside world, and the ownership still belongs to China. And although many countries have made requests to China to rent giant pandas, it does not mean that you can borrow them if you want. In addition to important cooperation with China in certain aspects, what is also needed is strong economic strength. Why?

First of all, renting a pair of giant pandas would cost China $1 million in annual rent alone. Moreover, it costs nearly 1 million US dollars to raise pandas every year, so countries without sufficient capabilities cannot afford to raise pandas. Malaysia is the best example! More than a year ago, [Giant Panda Diplomacy] was the only incident in the history of a panda being returned to a foreign country, which aroused heated discussion among the people!

Giant panda Nuannuan was returned to Malaysia, and now she is living happily in her hometown in Sichuan!

As early as 2013, the horse headed towards China's application to lease giant pandas was approved. Mainly to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. In 2014, China leased two pandas, "Fuwa" and "Fengyi", to Malaysia. More than a year later, the cute little "Nuan Nuan" was born.
China usually leases pandas for 10 years. During these 10 years, a rent of 1 million US dollars is required every year; and giant panda cubs born in foreign countries must have Chinese nationality, which means that when giant panda cubs are generally 1 year old, they have to consider returning to China. Giant panda cubs are generally not allowed to exceed 4 years old at the latestReturn to China, otherwise you will miss the best period for giant panda reproduction.

Unexpectedly, the "warm sister" who was born in Malaysia is not welcomed! According to the explanation given by Malaysia, "I can't afford it!" He often eats a lot of fresh fruits and drinks a lot of milk. In addition, "Nuan Nuan" has a Chinese stomach and only eats bamboo from Sichuan, China, and the bamboo must be kept fresh. Spend. Otherwise, you won’t eat it.

Giant panda Nuannuan was returned to Malaysia, and now I'm so happy living in my hometown in Sichuan!

The annual expenditure on pandas alone accounts for More than half of the zoos in Malaysia have starved Brother Tiger to death~~~
Not long after Nuan Nuan was returned, the Malaysian side thought about sending the other two pandas (Nuan Nuan's parents) "Fuwa" and "Nuan Nuan" "Feng Yi" also returned. You have to know how many countries have become rich thanks to China's pandas. When some foreign zoos were about to close down, it was China's pandas that allowed the zoos to reach their peak. The Canadian government has spent hundreds of millions to build a home for the pandas (but given Canada's current attitude towards China, the pandas should be brought back~) So the giant panda is a "national treasure" that drives the economy. The key is still It depends on how you use it.
Just a week ago, the sister of the giant panda Nuan Nuan spent her first birthday in Malaysia. To be honest, for giant pandas, their hometown in Sichuan may be the most suitable place for them to live! I believe that "sister" will return to China soon.
For Nuannuan in her hometown in Sichuan, life is a happy life now~