Having been a cat slave for so long, you are sure you know how to use cat litter correctly.

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If you want to raise a cat well, you must first solve its hygiene problems. A large part of the hygiene issues here refer to the precautions for using cat litter boxes. Even though it is just a small litter box, there is a lot of knowledge about the correct use of cat litter boxes, and the average cat owner may not necessarily know them all. For example, the following two usage details are very common and easily overlooked:

Having been a cat lover for so long, you are sure you will use cat litter correctly

First, the cat litter box needs to be filled with the right amount Cat litter

Cat litter box, cat litter box, the most important thing is of course cat litter. This also involves the issue of cat litter selection. You cannot choose some products that are too inferior. A friend of the editor once said There are cases of cat allergies caused by this. The specific selection method involves a wide range of content, and I will write an article in detail in the future. Let’s continue to talk about the amount of cat litter to put in the cat litter box. Generally, it is appropriate to lay a layer of cat litter 4-8cm thick. The specific situation depends on each cat’s own situation. Some cats like thicker cat litter, and some prefer thicker cat litter. Some cats prefer lighter litter.

You need to carefully observe the cat’s reaction when going to the toilet to determine this. If you find that your cat has been digging at the cat litter before going to the toilet, it means that such cats prefer shallow litter. For some cats, they may feel that they will feel more at ease only if they dig it all the way to the bottom of the basin to use the toilet. In this case, you should spread less cat litter next time.

After being a cat slave for so long, you are sure you will use it correctly Cat litter

Second, the cat litter box must be Put it in the right place

Just like choosing a house depends on Feng Shui, how to place the cat's litter box must also follow the Five Elements Bagua, Qi Men Dun Jia method...just kidding. But it’s not all a joke. The specific location of the cat’s litter box is indeed very particular. First of all, the cat’s litter box should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and it should not be too close to the place where the cat eats and drinks. This reason is very simple. People will definitely not be able to eat in the toilet, and the same goes for cats. Secondly, the litter box should be placed in a place where cats can easily reach it, so that it is convenient for cats to go to the toilet. Especially for kittens and old cats, do not let cats go to the toilet after twists and turns. I believeI, they can’t hold on. Finally, the cat litter box cannot be placed in a place where people often come or are noisy. This will scare the cats when they go to the toilet. It should be placed in a quiet corner.