The dog went to the bar to get drunk. Netizen, look at the dog. He seems to be alone.

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Speaking of cute dogs, although they are humane, they are always unable to respond accurately to the words and actions of the poop shoveler like people due to limitations in intelligence. But as long as the poop scoopers have a deep understanding of the inner world of dogs, they probably won’t think so... For example, when this foreign netizen went to a bar, he suddenly found a dog wearing a hat sitting in the crowd. The netizen was surprised that the dog was drunk and other people seemed to treat the dog like a human being.

The dog went to the bar to get drunk. Netizen: Look at that dog, he seems to be alone.

Gou Zi: "Oh... the shit shovel guy pulls my hair out every day, and it's almost gone bald. Life is too difficult..."
The little brother next to me: "Brother, I understand you. It's not easy for you either, come and have a drink!"
When he learned that the shit shovel man was going to take him for a ride, the dog was already sitting firmly before the shit shovel man could reach the door of the car.

Gouzi: "What are you waiting for? I've already sat down, why don't you get up and drive?"

The dog went to the bar to get drunk , Netizen: Look at that dog, he looks like a person.

And this golden retriever has a place in the political world at a young age. A golden retriever named Max is the honorary mayor of his small town. This is his first interview with a TV station, and he is also a beautiful reporter. In order to appear on TV this time, the golden retriever specially dressed up and put on his favorite tie.
Golden Retriever: "How can you pretend to be on TV for the first time? Wait online, hurry!"
Just like human-like dogs are all over the world, a netizen from Germany is going When picking up a package at a convenience store, I encountered a very indifferent clerk. Netizens communicated with the clerk for a long time, but the dog was not listening at all...
Gouzi: "Don't ask me, I don't know anything. , I’m just helping the shit-sweeper to look after the store..."
Of course, there are many dogs who can do housework, and this little black dog can help its owner mop the floor.
Xiao Heichai: "Look at you, as a shit shoveler, you don't even do any housework.I still have to do it. Do you want to reflect on it? "
And this dog on the school bus of "Oriental Dog School" was obviously unwilling to be barked...
shiba inu: "I want to sleep, I don't want to go to school, who will let me go?" I'm going out..."
Some shit-sweepers keep dogs, and the dogs eat and use their own. However, after the last yelling, the dog robs the boyfriend of his boyfriend. Just as the boyfriend slaps the dog intimately When I was blowing my fan, I was caught by the female shit officer.
Gouzi: “No! Found! "
Boyfriend: "Listen to my explanation! "
Female poop scooper: "... I wish you happiness..."
This dog has become a sperm, and looks exactly like a human, secretly hiding behind the closet. The shit-sweeper found out that the sneaky look must have done something bad behind the shit-sweeper's back.