This is what the Irish Water Spaniel looks like, don't confuse it with the Poodle anymore!

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The irish water spaniel originated in the 19th century and originated in Ireland. Because it looks more like a poodle, many people say it is a poodle and a native Irish dog. Hybridized. So, what breed is the Irish Water Spaniel? lineage. However, the Irish Water Spaniel has curly hair on the top of the head and the hair on the body looks like it has been permed. It does look very much like a poodle without a docked tail. (See the picture below ↓)

The Irish Water Spaniel looks like this, don’t Don't confuse it with a poodle anymore!

(Left: Irish Water Spaniel; Right: Poodle)

Among the hunting dogs, the Irish Water Spaniel can be said to be relatively burly in stature and good at hunting animals. This breed is a superb swimmer and has a dehydrated coat. Before the 21st century, the Irish Water Spaniel was used by people to hunt waterfowl, catch ducks, swans and other waterfowl. Later, people slowly discovered the intelligent, loyal and easy-to-train characteristics of the Irish Water Spaniel, and then trained it as a comfortable family companion dog instead of hunting.

To be honest, if you want to keep a dog, the Irish Water Spaniel is really a good choice. Because in addition to its very beautiful appearance, it also has a very high IQ, ranking 24th among the world's famous dogs. The average dog may need 5-15 times to learn simple commands, but the Irish Water Spaniel has a probability of learning as high as 85% under the first command, so it is easy to teach it very well.

In daily life, the Irish Water Spaniel is active and enthusiastic. He is obedient and playful at the same time. It is also loved by many people in the country.

Most people know that the Irish Water Spaniel has many advantages, but they don’t know the appearance characteristics of the Irish Water Spaniel, so they often confuse it with the Poodle. In fact, except for curly hair, the Irish Water Spaniel has many differences from the Poodle. Specifically, it looks like this:

1. Head: clean outline, smooth face, not short at all, with a round shape wedge.

2. Tail: The tail is the so-called "rat tail", which is a unique feature of this breed. thick roots, hiddenShort rolls of 2-3 inches. The tail is tapered with a fine tip. (This is the distinguishing feature from the poodle)

3. Limbs: The entire front gives the impression of being very powerful, but not heavy; the rear is higher or slightly higher than the shoulder blades, strong and muscular developed. Whether walking or standing, the legs are perpendicular to the ground, and the toes turn neither in nor out.

4. Coat color: pure liver color, if there is gray, white, or spotted hair, it is either produced by old age, or it is a defect.

The above are the appearance characteristics of the Irish Water Spaniel shared by the editor. If there is any deviation from the above description, it is not a pure Irish Water Spaniel. You must pay attention to it!