What are the differences between British Longhair cats and Chinchillas?

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It is reported that many people confuse British longhair cats and chinchillas. So what are the differences between British longhair cats and chinchillas? The editor below will teach you in detail how to distinguish them!

Coat color

Chinchilla: Silver/golden The tips of the hair on both sides of the body, face, back, head and tail turn black.

British Longhair Cats: British longhair cats have a wide range of coat colors and can be divided into three major categories. 1. Single color: such as black, white, blue, cream (beige), light red (yellow brown). Most of these cats have orange eyes. 2. Multi-color: The coat has more than one color, and the eye color is different from the coat. This type is such as chinchilla color, which has black spots on the coat, head and tail on a white background; smoke color, which is white coat. With black hair tips; black and yellow (turtle shell color) and black, yellow and white, etc. 3. Variegated: The coat has different colors and patterns, such as from gray to brown; from blue to orange; some look like tiger spots or have marble-like patterns.

What are the differences between British Longhair cats and Chinchillas?


Chinchillas: gentle but gentle He has personality, likes to be close to people, loves cleanliness and is obsessed with cleanliness, and has the spirituality to communicate with others.

British Longhair Cats: Don’t think that British longhair cats are the aristocrats of cats. Their ability to adapt to new environments is very poor. On the contrary, they have very strong adaptability. Even if they are just brought home, They will not immediately hide in a corner. They will first observe the new environment and then slowly patrol.


Chinchilla: Long and thick, standing erect on the body like an explosion. The texture is nice, vibrant and shiny. Long and covering the body, including the shoulders. The neck ring is very large, thick, and covers beautifully between the two front legs. The hair on the ears and toes is very long, and the tail is very thick.

British Longhair Cat: A unique double-layered coat with a dense undercoat and a layer of long, smooth waterproof coat. In winter, the dense undercoat is fully grown, so the winter coat is fuller than the summer coat. The quality and type of coat are most important, and the color and pattern are less important.

What are the differences between British Longhair cats and Chinchillas?


Chinchilla: large, round and full. The position is level and distant, making for a sweet facial expression. Eyes must be green or blue-green. Their eyes are some of the largest of any cat.

British Longhair Cat: Large and round, bright in color, with wide eyes and a cute look.