When a cat dies, its owner buries it with a big fish, so there is always enough to eat.

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Nowadays, many people keep a pet as a companion in life. After keeping the pet for a long time, they will have feelings for it. When the pet dies, the owners will feel very sad. Some owners may even feel afraid because of this, and will never dare to raise pets again, fearing that they will experience this scene again.

In comparison, raising pets in rural areas is more free, and most people adopt the form of free-range care. If you walk on the country trails, you can often see many dogs sleeping on the road.

Although this method gives pets enough freedom, it is also very risky. There are two main risks, one is being stolen, and the other is being hit by passing vehicles.

An owner has a Chinese garden cat at home. The cat has a strong ability to catch mice, and all the owners keep it free for a long time. One day at noon, the owner came home from get off work and saw a sad scene at his door.

I don’t know what happened to the cat at home. , lying at the gate, with a lot of blood stains under his body. After the owner touched the cat's body, he found that it was a little stiff, and it was estimated that it had been dead for a long time. There is a road in front of the house. Based on the cat's condition, the owner guessed that it was hit by a car and died.

When dealing with dead cats in rural areas, they will take them to the mountains, put them in bags, and hang them on trees. Considering that the cat has been at home for a long time and everyone in the family loves it, the owner couldn't bear to deal with it in this way and decided to bury it in the open space in the backyard of the home, which can be regarded as a sign of respect.

On that day, the owner went to the vegetable market and bought a large grass carp. After killing the grass carp, he buried it with the cat. The cat also died along the way. Won't go hungry. The cat dies, and the owner buries it with a big fish. , there is always something to eat

After the things were prepared, the owner took some tools and went to the backyard A big hole was dug in the muddy ground and the cat's body was put in together with the grass carp. The owner also deliberately made it look like a cat holding a fish and gnawing on it. I don’t know if it was the smell of the fish or the smell of the cat’s death. During the burial, many stray cats gathered around to watch, likeIt was to see off my companions.

The owner said the cat was raised at home It has been 7 years, and everyone in the family regards him as one of them. Faced with this situation, everyone is very sad. If there is still a chance to make a choice, I probably won’t let it go again in the future.

Pet-raising science: Cats are naturally curious. Sometimes, curiosity is a good thing, but sometimes, they can easily lead themselves into pitfalls. If the environment where the cat is raised is relatively complicated, it is actually more recommended to keep it in captivity. This can avoid risks and prevent it from getting lost.