Why do cats like to smell their feet? It expresses these emotions

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Cats are very cute, but also very silly. Sometimes they will do some very funny things that make people laugh, such as smelling their own or their owner's feet, or even licking them, which is really strange. So why do cats love to smell their feet? Why do cats love to smell their feet? Don’t worry too much. Let’s take a look at why cats love to smell their feet.

Why do cats like to smell feet? It is expressing these emotions

1. Expressing like

Cat is in mood It prefers to be in contact with people when it is happy. If the owner finds that his cat likes to smell his shoes and feet, it means that the cat likes the smell of the owner and is very trusting and dependent on the owner.

2. Express missing

The smell of the owner’s feet is very strong, so if the cat always smells the owner’s feet after coming home, then it may be that the cat is expressing its affection for the owner. Missing, and some cats will choose to smell their owners' shoes or clothes when their owners are away. This is a way for cats to express their longing.

3. Lack of salt

If the cat likes to lick the owner’s feet while smelling the feet, it may be lacking in salt. This is mainly because the sweat secreted by the owner's feet contains a certain amount of salt, so when the cat is short of salt, it will choose to lick the owner's feet to replenish the salt. In this regard, owners can add an appropriate amount of salt-containing food to the cat's food, such as wet food, fish or other cat food with high salt content.

Why do cats like to smell feet? It is expressing these emotions

How about it, does your cat like to smell feet?