Why do cats use litter boxes?

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Cats are very clean pets. No matter how old they are, they almost never urinate anywhere. Whenever they want to go to the toilet, they will take the initiative to come to the litter box without any instruction. And training, but they know how to go to the toilet at designated times. From this point of view, cats are really much better behaved and smarter than other pets. So why do cats use litter boxes?

Why do cats use litter boxes?

Cats use cat litter. It is a cat's nature and an animal's instinct. Felines usually use litter boxes. The excrement is buried to avoid exposing its position, and the texture of cat litter is more conducive to cats burying their excrement, so cats will actively use the litter box.

Although most cats know how to use the litter box, there are still some cats that urinate and defecate everywhere. It’s not that these cats don’t know how to use the litter box, but they don’t want to. So what is the reason why cats refuse to use the litter box?

First of all, cats are very clean animals. If the litter box is too dirty, the cat may refuse to use it.

Secondly, the cat litter box should be placed in a relatively quiet place. If the area around the cat litter box is too noisy and it is inconvenient for the cat to enter, the cat will refuse to use it.

Finally, the size of the litter box must match the size of the cat. If the litter box is too small, the cat will feel uncomfortable when going to the toilet, and they will refuse to use it.

Why do cats use litter boxes?

So if you want your cat to stop peeing everywhere, you don't just need to prepare a litter box and cat litter. Choose the correct size and placement. At the same time, you must not be lazy when raising cats. It is best to clean the cat litter box every day and change the cat litter every half a month or so.