Why is it not recommended to keep Bombay cats? Beginners must know this!

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bombay cats are loved by everyone because of their black hair and a high-class and mysterious feeling. Many novice cat owners are eager to try it, but the editor does not recommend that you keep them. If you want to know the reason, go to Look down.

Why is it not recommended to keep Bombay cats? Newbies must know this!

1. Most Bombay cats on the market are of impure blood, and most of them are American short-haired cats. , a black cat that is a cross between a British Shorthair and a Pastoral cat

The facial shape of the Bombay cat is similar to that of the Chinese Pastoral cat, with a round face and a pointed chin. Many "Bombay cats" on the market are actually a combination of Pastoral cats and American Shorthair and american shorthair cats. British Shorthair mixed-breed cats, after crossing to produce black cats, are sold as Bombay cats to cat owners. The price is very high, but in fact, the cross-bred garden cats are not worth the price at all. If you don’t know the breed of cat, don’t do it easily. Get started.

2. Bombay cats like to bark randomly, and it is easy to disturb people if kept in an apartment.

Although Bombay cats meow softly, they like to bark very much. They will bark coquettishly with their owners and interact with their owners. When you are angry, you will scream. At first, you may find it pleasant and your heart will be melted by it. Over time, it may become an ear-splitting noise that even the neighbors can't stand. The biggest fear of raising pets in the city is disturbing the residents, and then Complaints were received, so when raising a Bombay cat, you must first consider the sound insulation effect of the house, the size of the home, and whether the neighbors are easy to get along with, etc.

3. You can only keep one Bombay cat, and it cannot accept others. Cats can fight

Bombay cats are quite arrogant and self-centered. They like to be solitary and cannot get along well with other cats. If you raise a Bombay cat, you cannot raise other cats. It can accept dogs but is unwilling to accept cats of the same kind. If you are raising a Bombay cat, be prepared to only raise one. Even if it is its own litter, it will have to be given away after weaning.

4. Bombay cats are lively and clingy, requiring their owners to spend a lot of time exercising and playing with them.

Bombay cats are lively and clingy. They exercise a lot and are more like dogs. , the owner needs to exercise with it every day to consume energy, and requires a larger feeding space than other cats. It will go upIt jumps up and down and can't stop. If you don't want it to cause havoc at home, you have to play games with it every day to consume its energy.