Faced with a Labrador who was scalded by boiling water and had his hamstring broken, the dog owner paid 500 yuan

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As the pet economy continues to improve, the economic value brought by pets is also getting higher and higher. Especially as more and more people regard their pets as extremely important partners or even family members. The resulting pet-related industries have led many people to see business opportunities. Therefore, as more and more people like these cats and dogs, more and more people are breeding and cultivating pets. Pets have become a product that can be consumed normally for more and more people. .

Facing the Labrador who was scalded by boiling water and had his hamstring broken, the dog owner: 500 yuan

< p>Of course, this current situation also has advantages and disadvantages for the pet industry. On the one hand, a large number of poop scrapers will inevitably make the pet-related industries more and more developed and prosperous. However, on the other hand, as more and more people keep pets, the various conflicts caused by keeping pets are also increasing. Although, in the face of these contradictions, there are already many legal provisions that have certain constraints and coordination on this status quo. However, in the face of such a large number of pet groups, it is obviously difficult to implement it.

Therefore, in the process of raising pets, apart from some situations that cause public outrage, civilized pet raising requires more support and maintenance from the shit-eating officials. Fortunately, as people's quality continues to improve, many pet owners will consciously abide by relevant requirements while raising pets to satisfy their own hobbies and needs. While trying to prevent your pets from causing trouble to others, you are also trying to reduce all kinds of conflicts and disputes caused by pets.

However, these are all based on the fact that these shit shovels really like them and hope that they can be accepted by more people. And these pets can naturally be properly taken care of in the hands of these people. However, as the number of pet-raising groups increases, access to pets becomes more and more convenient, although many people initially keep them out of love for them. But it is inevitable that some people will use them as targets for venting and deliberately harming them for some unknown purpose...

There is a kind-hearted guy in Shandong who often rescues stray animals. Maybe it’s because he I have rescued too many stray animals on weekdays, and many local people have recognized my actions. Therefore, slowly, in addition to the stray animals that I find and rescue on weekdays, some local people will also take the initiative to contact me when they find some behaviors that make people angry or helpless and hurt cats and dogs. Brother, I hope that I can give these poor cats and dogs some help within the scope of his ability.…

Facing a Labrador who was scalded with boiling water and had his hamstrings broken, dog owner: 500 yuan

On this day, this young man once again received a message for help from a kind-hearted local lady. This young lady said that her cousin raised a Labrador. Before, her cousin had abused the dog due to alcoholism, so she had asked her brother for help. However, at that time, the little brother was rescuing other stray animals and he was unable to afford more purchase and treatment costs. Therefore, after learning that the little sister’s cousin had regretted it, the little brother gave up taking the Labrador with him. Plan to leave.

However, what no one expected was that after the young lady’s cousin stopped drinking for some time, for unknown reasons, he recently started drinking again. Moreover, after he drank the wine, he even more violently abused the dog. Because this Labrador was mistreated so badly, the little sister couldn't stand it anymore, so she had no choice but to ask the little brother for help again. After receiving this help message, the little brother could only rush to the little sister's cousin's house as soon as possible to check on the condition of the Labrador, and then see if he could take it away based on the situation.

However, when the little brother and the little sister came to the little sister’s cousin’s house and wanted to see the Labrador, the little sister’s cousin told the little brother that the Labrador was Lado has been sold on the dog meat truck. As for where the dog meat truck or dog meat restaurant is, the young lady’s cousin refused to disclose at all. Moreover, he seemed to be very impatient with the arrival of the little brother. After informing him of this information, he drove him away without letting the little brother enter the house...

In order to see this lab as soon as possible Lado, the little brother can only leave first, and then ask the little sister to help communicate with her cousin, and then take a look after confirming the situation. Fortunately, with the efforts of the little sister, the little brother gradually gained the recognition of her cousin, and then several people saw the Labrador. As expected, the Labrador was also in the yard of the little sister's cousin's house. However, at this time, it had been burned in many places, and although its two hind legs were wrapped with gauze, it was still bleeding...

Seeing this Labrador in such a miserable condition , the little brother couldn't help but asked: "How did you get this leg?" Seeing that the little sister's cousin didn't answer, the little sister immediately said: "He injured it when he was drunk!" However, after checking, the little brother found that the dog His leg injuries didn’t look like he had been beaten, so he continued to question. Seeing that he couldn't explain clearly, the little sister's cousin said: "I broke my hamstring, I'm afraid it will run away!" Hearing what the little sister's cousin said, the little brother and the others were speechless for a moment, and the little sister Seeing this, he also accused angrily: "You have nothing to do with it."Well? I hit it when I was drunk. How many times have I hit it, big or small? ”

Facing a Labrador who was scalded with boiling water and had his hamstrings broken, dog owner: 500 yuan

Afterwards, seeing that her cousin still didn’t respond, the young lady continued: “Let them take him away! Look how pitiful this dog is! "Take away what I feed!" "The younger sister's cousin retorted. Seeing that the younger sister's cousin was unwilling to give up, the younger brother could only discuss it with him: "Let's discuss it. This dog can't stay like this forever. You can let it live. I'll spend the money." Buy it! "I don't want to sell now!" "The little sister's cousin said immediately without waiting for the little brother to give the price.

Seeing that the two sides were about to reach a deadlock again, the little sister also hurriedly helped the little brother to persuade her cousin. It was not easy for the few of them. It seemed that the young lady’s cousin was interested, so he hurriedly said: “Take this dog away, we have to give it medical treatment, can we pay 500 yuan? "500 yuan is enough for what!" For 500 yuan, I won't care about you even if I beat him to death! All you want is 1,000 yuan! "The young lady's cousin said. Hearing that he wanted to beat the dog to death but was unwilling to sell it for 500 yuan, the young brother and his companions could only persuade him again.

But the people's persuasion did not help at all. The young lady’s cousin did not change his mind: “I don’t care whether you spend money or not! If you want to buy it, just take a look. If you don’t want to buy it, don’t look at it! "After that, the little sister's cousin was about to leave. Seeing that he couldn't negotiate the price, the little brother could only buy the Labrador at the other party's price. Buying the Labrador After a while, the little brother took the Labrador to the pet hospital as soon as possible. Fortunately, after the diagnosis of the pet doctor, it was possible to reattach the Labrador's severed hamstring. Only However, it will take a long time and cost a lot of money...

However, after hearing that there was hope, the little brother and his companions immediately asked the pet doctor to start treatment and Set up the surgical plan. Fortunately, the hard work of the brother and his companions has not been disappointed. After spending more than 10,000 yuan in treatment costs, more than a month of treatment, and countless times of debridement, this Labrador finally recovered. Duo's condition is getting better and better, and he slowly started to stand up. At the same time, he also slowly adapted to life at the rescue station...