Here's what you need to know before planning to get a Pug...

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A netizen left a message: I was deceived by a dog dealer and adopted a non-pure pug, and died of illness not long after. I was sad and wanted to raise another one. Please support me Trick, give TA a chance of redemption.

For this kind of problem, the editor will never stand idly by. In order to let friends who like Pugs choose a purebred and healthy one, I specially prepared some selection skills for your reference study.

Before planning to raise a pug, you need to know these things.. ....

1 .Look at the head

PugThe head shape has several obvious features, the head Large, heavy, not arched, apple-headed, without receding forehead. When selecting, we also need to distinguish whether the Pug’s eyes are bright and clear, whether the eyes are piercing, whether the whole demeanor is lively and cheerful, whether there is eye droppings and deposited secretions in the eyelids, whether the nose is cool and moist, whether the ear canal is clean or not. Dirt and so on, as the saying goes "start from scratch", that's what it means.

2. Touch the body

When choosing a pug, it’s not enough to just look at it, you have to touch the dog’s body with both hands to check Whether the dog's fur is moist and smooth, whether the fur is shiny and elastic; whether the dog's body is well developed, whether there are obesity, emaciation and other adverse symptoms; whether the dog's bones are well-developed and strong, whether there is any fracture, etc .

3. Check the feces

When choosing a Pug, be sure to check the feces. The feces of healthy Pug dogs are moderately soft and hard, and can be picked up from the floor. For white, black, green, etc. When choosing, we must observe carefully, after all, this is the focus of details to check whether the dog's body has hidden health risks.

4. Sign the contract

If you want to raise a pug, you must choose it through formal channels. Don't be greedy for cheap and believe the nonsense of dog dealers. And when selecting, we need to check the dog's relevant health certificate first, check whether the dog has been vaccinated, whether it has been dewormed in vivo and in vitro. After confirming that the pug is healthy, sign a purchase contract with the other party, and then take the selected pug home, so as to protect your own rights and avoid the embarrassing encounter of being deceived.

The opportunity to choose a pug is always there, it depends on whether you can grasp it! If you also want to raise a purebred, healthy Pug, perhaps the sharing of the editor today can be helpful to you.