I bought a husky for my parents and treated the husky as a local dog.

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When it comes to guarding homes and nursing homes, the first thing many friends think of is the Chinese garden dog. A few decades ago, most families used native dogs to guard homes, but native dogs are really good at guarding homes. They are easy to raise, loyal, and conscientious, and are our particularly good friends. However, many pure Chinese garden dogs have gradually disappeared.

A netizen said that his husky can also look after homes and nursing homes. It turns out that this husky is a Chuanchuan dog that belongs to a netizen’s friend. The husky is already two years old, but the netizen’s friend doesn’t want it anymore. The netizen thought the dog looked quite special, so he bought it because he was afraid of huskies. After defecating everywhere at home, netizens sent the dog back to their hometown in the countryside and asked their parents to help raise it.

Bought a husky for my parents, and treated the husky as a local dog

A few months later, a netizen came home and saw, My parents just raised the husky as a native dog. According to the standards we used to raise Chinese garden dogs, they directly fed the husky leftovers. However, the husky has a good appetite. Sometimes the husky will catch some poultry to feed itself, because Afraid that it would harm the neighbor's poultry, the parents had no choice but to tie the husky up with a large chain...

I bought a husky for my parents, and I treated the two huskies as a native dog

However, according to the parents of netizens, this husky is very vigilant and has gradually started to look after homes in the yard. Most people would not dare to approach their home easily... …