I never thought that pigeon fanciers raise pigeons like this

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The life of raising pigeons is full of strange things, and there are many ways to raise pigeons. Although they all raise pigeons, different people have very different ways of raising pigeons. They say all roads lead to Rome, and raising pigeons is perhaps the best way to express this statement. No matter whether you take a detour or a straight path, or even go against the methods of previous successful people, you can still succeed. Such an interesting situation occurs when raising racing pigeons. Therefore, many people do not understand the matter of raising racing pigeons, and the method of the following pigeon fancier is even more incomprehensible.

I never thought that pigeon fanciers raise pigeons like this

Let’s talk about hygiene first. Nowadays, most pigeon fanciers are He attaches great importance to hygiene issues, but this pigeon fancier I know does not. He even said that he wished the environment of the pigeon house was a little dirty. There was a thick layer of feces on the floor. He even said that when a pigeon died, he would dig directly on the feces. A hole was buried, yes, it was buried next to the pigeon house. Well, the feces was so thick. The road was raised with bricks for feeding purposes, otherwise there would be no place to set foot when it rained. It's really terrible, but its pigeons are still well raised and even fly pretty well.

I never thought that pigeon fanciers raise pigeons like this

As for feeding and drinking water, it is even more casual. If you have time, feed it once a day. If you don't have time, just dump a lot of grain on the floor and leave it alone. Anyway, just feed it for several days. According to what he said, it would be good if he didn't starve to death. He didn't plan to compete at first, but a friend kept saying why raise pigeons if he didn't compete, so he went to compete. Not to mention, he could fly pretty well. Don't you think this is infuriating? Drinking water is even more casual. There is a big basin, connected to a water pipe, and the water keeps dripping low. I never clean the basin. There are all kinds of moss and feces, and it even feels like water plants are growing.

I never thought pigeon fanciers would raise pigeons like this

Really It's terrible, even more unsightly than the ordinary method of piling dung. Some pigeons even make their nests in dung. If a pigeon fancier who usually pays attention to hygiene sees such a situation, he will definitely not be able to stand it. Although it is said that pigeons raised in this way do not get sick much in competitions, quite a few pigeons die in normal times. It is said that dozens of pigeons die every year, and of course many of them starve to death. I never thought there were people raising pigeons like this.