I ruined my girlfriend’s lipstick and used my husky to escape.

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For girls, cosmetics are one of the most important things for them, especially lipstick. It is estimated that few girls will not like it. If someone breaks their lipstick, girls will It is very likely that he will get angry, especially when the other person is his partner. Although boys know that it is important, sometimes some accidents will happen. For example, this pet owner studied his girlfriend's lipstick out of curiosity, but because of I accidentally broke the lipstick directly.

Looking at the broken lipstick, the pet owner was instantly confused. He immediately thought of his girlfriend. He could imagine that his situation would be very bad when she came back, and right here When a pet owner was at a loss, he suddenly saw the huskies watching on the side. Suddenly an idea came to his mind. The pet owner picked up the lipstick and threw it in the direction of the husky. The husky thought it was for him to play with. There was something there, so I immediately rushed forward and bit it.

He broke his girlfriend's lipstick and used the husky to escape

At this time, the pet owner saw that the husky had succeeded. Being fooled, the hanging heart dropped. Now the Husky couldn't wash it off even if he wanted to, but he had to do a full set for the show, so the pet owner immediately stepped forward to grab the lipstick, in order to establish a glorious image for himself. Image, but the husky was so excited that he thought his pet owner was playing with him, so he ran away immediately.

The physique of the Husky sled dog is not to be boasted, it is quite powerful. It does not mean running up and down the house. The pet owner spent a lot of effort to finally catch the Husky. He stopped and snatched the lipstick from the husky’s mouth. Of course, he didn’t forget to take a photo and even gave the husky a close-up. After being treated like this by his pet owner, the husky couldn’t even wash it off after jumping into the Yellow River.

He broke his girlfriend's lipstick and used the husky to escape

The lipstick has changed after being bitten by the husky. It was even more unrecognizable, but at this time, the pet owner was very happy, because there was no trace of what he had done, so he laughed, but the husky still didn’t understand what was wrong, and had no idea at all.He had been tricked by his pet owner, so he looked at his pet owner with a cute face, and the pet owner also took advantage of this moment to report the situation to his girlfriend. And this scene was also posted on the Internet. Many friends burst out laughing after watching it, and they all said that they grabbed it: Sure enough, one of the huskies and the pet owner must be more powerful when they are together, and the pet owner is completely cheating the dog with his strength this time. Ah, I feel sorry for the Husky.