Is there a thin line between pets and dog meat? Husky puppy escapes from distress

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Keeping pets can be said to be a lifestyle chosen by more and more people. In order to meet the needs of more and more people for raising pets, there are more and more channels and ways to obtain pets. However, among the many ways to choose pets, buying them in the dog market has always been a common and accustomed way for people. However, because the dogs sold in the dog market are all different, the gap between them is also very large. Therefore, the fate of the dogs in the dog market is also very different.

Is there a thin line between pets and dog meat? Husky puppies escape the dilemma

Among these differences, the most common and the most controversial , maybe it’s the difference between becoming a meat dog and being treated as a pet. Because, these two destinies not only have to face the difference between life and death, but also their future destinies will be very different. However, these two completely different fates are often reflected in dogs at different stages. After all, many times, those who are sold on dog meat trucks are usually adult dogs, while those who are taken home as pets are often those particularly cute puppies...

It’s just that, in the world, There are no absolutes. Nowadays, more and more breeders are breeding and cultivating pet dogs, and at the same time, more and more people are slowly beginning to realize that raising pets is not a simple matter. People will also be more cautious before choosing these cats and dogs to take home. As a result, this has also led to some breeders inevitably failing to meet market demand when selecting, breeding, and cultivating new breeds of pet dogs, making it difficult for them to be purchased or given away in the end.

Once such dogs are left in the hands, they will gradually become an increasing burden to the breeders. As a result, a situation will gradually appear in the dog market. Every once in a while, some dog dealers will load truckloads of pet dogs directly into dog meat trucks. As for these pet dogs being sold, in addition to some breeding dogs, there are also some kittens and puppies that are difficult to sell. Moreover, waiting for the final fate of these dogs, except for a few who meet some kind-hearted people before being served to the dining table, many of them have unknowingly become a dish on someone's dining table...

There is only a thin line between pets and dog meat? Husky puppy escapes trouble

There is a kind-hearted elder sister in Heilongjiang. This elder sister often rescues some stray animals on weekdays. And as the stray animals rescued by the elder sister The number is increasing, and the popularity of Big Sister is getting higher and higher. As the popularity of Big Sister continues to increase, Big Sister also receives more and more frequent requests for help from some local well-wishers. Moreover, as the number of stray animals rescued by Big Sister increases As the number of times increases, the eldest sister will often receive help from some kind-hearted people. On this day, the eldest sister once again received a message for help from some local kind-hearted people.

A kind-hearted netizen informed the eldest sister that there is a litter of husky babies. Dogs were sold on a dog meat truck for unknown reasons. Moreover, they did not find any other huskies on this dog meat truck. Out of concern for these dogs being sold on the dog meat truck, netizens After discovering this dog meat truck, I quickly sent a message for help to my eldest sister. After receiving this message for help, my eldest sister also rushed to the scene with her companions as soon as possible. Fortunately, when the eldest sister and her companions arrived, At the scene, the dog meat truck had not yet left.

In order to rescue the dogs on the dog meat truck as soon as possible, the eldest sister asked her companions to find the owner of the dog meat truck, and at the same time, the dogs on the dog meat truck were rescued. The situation was announced to some stray animal rescue groups to prevent the dog dealers from asking too high a price, which would lead to the failure of the rescue. After making all preparations, the eldest sister and some companions stayed by the dog meat truck until the dog dealers appeared. Fortunately, the subsequent communication with the dog dealer was relatively smooth. After some bargaining, the eldest sister and her companions, with the help of kind-hearted people, finally sold the car of dogs for 6,000 yuan. Bought them all.

After buying this car of dogs, the eldest sister also tried to ask the dog dealer where the mother of this litter of huskies was. However, in the face of the eldest sister’s inquiry, the dog dealer She has been unable to provide effective information. In desperation, the eldest sister can only ask the dog dealer to help bring this car of dogs to her stray animal rescue base, and then place this car of dogs to her stray animal rescue base. In the animal rescue base. And the dogs in this car seemed to feel the sincerity of the elder sister. Therefore, as soon as they arrived at the stray animal rescue base, they showed great trust in the elder sister...