Mom had to take care of the dog, and I cried after a month

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Everyone has a different definition of a pet. Some people think that pets should be taken good care of and treated like family members. However, some people indulge and even abuse them. However, some owners pay attention to refinement, but if it is a mother, It’s different when it comes to raising dogs. Generally speaking, dogs raised by mothers are very energetic, but relatively speaking, their size is much different, and their appearance is directly reduced by countless times!

This netizen had to leave the dog to his mother to help take care of it because he had to go on a business trip. At first, he wanted to leave it with a friend, but his mother repeatedly stressed that he could take good care of it, so he left it with him. It was sent to my mother. The first picture is the way it looked when a netizen gave it to her. It still looks very clean and good-looking. The important thing is that it was specially treated with beauty treatments and packed up before being sent.

My mother had to take care of the dog, and I cried a month later

I didn't expect that it would look like this a month later. , is this a head of instant noodles? Or is it ironed with tin foil on its hair? It looks really uncomfortable! It turns out that my mother disliked the fact that pet shops were too expensive, so she helped bathe them myself, so now it has become like this. Netizens still take them to the beauty shop, but is this the same for the dogs your mother raises?