So scary! High speed shock! ! A couple encounters a real-life bear on their road trip!

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Mr. Zhao and his wife in Suihua, Heilongjiang don’t know whether they are lucky or unlucky. The dream and the skinny came true almost on the same day.
Mr. Zhao and his wife originally wanted to travel by car, become travel bloggers, and become a married couple’s Internet celebrities. They could travel around and make money at the same time.
But I didn’t expect to encounter a bear just as I drove out on the highway. When the car was traveling on the highway at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, suddenly there was a bear wandering on the highway in front of me. black bear.
I don’t know if this black bear is a second bear or a big bear, and I don’t know if it is out looking for food or looking for its brothers. Anyway, it is just having fun on the highway. At this time, the black bear sees a car coming. When driving towards it on the highway, it seemed that the speed was not slow. The black bear probably thought that Bald Qiang was deliberately causing trouble to the bear, so how could it tolerate such a provocation that did not give the bear face?

It's so scary! High-speed horror!! A couple encounters a real-life bear on a self-driving trip!

So the black bear's temper suddenly rose sharply, so he kicked off his four legs to refuel at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. He rushed towards the car at a high speed!
Mr. Zhao was shocked when he saw the black bear. He originally thought that the black bear was also a nationally protected animal. Can't you hide if you can't afford to offend me?
Just when Mr. Zhao wanted to slow down and go around, the black bear unexpectedly accelerated towards him! For a moment of confusion, the black bear bumped into him, and only a "bang" sound was heard! The black bear directly knocked Mr. Zhao's car onto the roadside of the highway...
This bear was definitely speeding seriously! ! !
When Mr. Zhao climbed out of the car with difficulty to see his wife’s condition, he found that his wife had been seriously injured. She seemed to have been hit on the head. Seeing that his wife was so injured, the car was also damaged. , I feel so angry! But I am also grateful that I and my wife are still alive.
After giving his wife a simple protection, Mr. Zhao called the police and walked towards the black bear that overturned his car due to serious speeding. He found that the bear had been lying on the road motionless, and his head and mouth were still bleeding. Bleeding...
This made Mr. Zhao furious.It's going to explode! "I haven't had a chance to settle the account with you for this loss. It's better for you to lie down! Do you still want to continue to engage in blackmail?"
Just when Mr. Zhao wanted to see clearly whether the bear responsible for the accident was the Big Bear or the Second Bear, on the highway, The traffic police and 120 quickly arrived at the scene of the accident. After the traffic police conducted an on-site investigation, they found that the bear was responsible for going to high school illegally and was seriously speeding and overturned the car. Although the black bear died at the scene due to excessive injuries, he was fully responsible! Mr. Zhao is exempt from liability.
Mr. Zhao’s wife was examined at the hospital and found to have a concussion. She was otherwise fine and her injuries were not serious. Mr. Zhao finally felt relieved.

It's so scary! High-speed horror!! A couple encounters a real-life bear on a self-driving trip!

At this point, Mr. Zhao and his wife have come to an end in Xiongtu for the time being. However, their travel The road to becoming a blogger and internet celebrity has just begun.
As for whether the bear that caused the accident was a big bear or a second bear, we have to wait until my wife recovers and their second trip begins to investigate!
As for the grievances between Mr. Zhao and his wife and the black bear, Mr. Zhao does not want to hold the bear responsible. It is estimated that Xiong Da (Xiong Er) will not give up asking Mr. Zhao and his wife for an explanation. After all, a bear died. Yes, it was because Mr. Zhao and his wife died.
As for this horrific "high-speed shock" that happened on the highway, I believe Mr. Zhao will definitely go to the highway company to ask for an explanation!