The golden retriever peed on the bed, and the owner picked up the slippers and wanted to educate him!

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If you want to talk about what everyone likes to keep the most, it should be the golden retriever. Nowadays, the golden retriever has really become an Internet celebrity dog. Everyone is attracted by its honest and honest character, as well as its large size. Take it out. It also feels quite safe. This is just like those days when everyone kept teddy dogs in droves, almost to the point where everyone had only one. If you didn't have a teddy, you wouldn't dare to say you had a dog when you go out.

The golden retriever peed on the bed, and the owner picked up the slippers and wanted to educate him!

The IQ of golden retrievers is relatively high in the dog world. It can be said that he is a very obedient and well-behaved dog, but there are also some silly and cute dogs among similar dogs, such as the golden retriever below. It is said to be stupid because it always pees on the owner's bed, and it is said to be smart because when the owner picks up the slippers and wants to hit it, it will hold it with its hands to avoid being hit. What is going on?

This netizen saw that the golden retrievers raised by others were so smart and cute, so he followed suit and got one. Not everyone said that golden retrievers are very spiritual and obey their owners’ orders. Well, why did things change when we got to him? This golden retriever is really a troublemaker, either peeing or pooping everywhere, making the house smelly. But netizens thought about it that maybe other people’s dogs were trained after a long period of training, so they could only endure it for now. But this stupid dog repeatedly challenged his bottom line. No, this time he did something incomprehensible, which made the owner go crazy.

When the netizen came home from get off work, he saw the golden retriever waiting for him at the door. He thought that this dog had finally been raised by him to be very sensible and could guard the door. But when he returned to the room, he smelled a foul smell. He thought it was the smell left by the dog's poop in the past, so he didn't think much about it. But when he lay down and wanted to sleep, he realized that the quilt was wet. Without even thinking about it, the golden retriever must have peed on the bed again.

The golden retriever peed on the bed, and the owner picked up the slippers and wanted to educate him!

Because his bed It's relatively low, so the golden retriever can get up with just a jump. Now that it's better, the bed can't sleep anymore. It's still there in the middle of the night.I have to wash the sheets and quilt covers. The more he thought about it, the more angry he got. The owner was really angry. He took off his slippers and wanted to hit the dog. But at this time, the golden retriever held the slippers with his front paws, with a pitiful "don't hit me" look.

The owner actually didn’t have the heart to beat it. Although it did a lot of wrong things, he never really hit it once. This time was of course no exception. He just wanted to scare it. Just scare it so that it will remember it next time. Netizens thought in their hearts that if the golden retriever dares to do this next time, he must be taught a lesson or locked up in a small dark room to reflect.

He knew that he would take it seriously if he was beaten, but it was obvious that he was not stupid, just playful.