The head of a stray dog ​​is bigger than its body. I thought it was stung by a bee. I felt heartbroken after learning about the situation.

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Compared to those pet dogs who have no worries about food and clothing, stray dogs are living in hell. Not only are their food insecure, but their survival is also a problem. They live like this day by day, and they may die in some corner without knowing it.

They are afraid of pedestrians, whether they are kind or malicious, and they always feel insecure in their hearts. Let’s take a look at the little story shared by this netizen below. It’s so heartbreaking. \

The stray dog's head was bigger than its body. I thought it was stung by a bee. After learning about the situation, I felt very distressed.

When a netizen was walking on the road today, he saw a stray dog. Its head was bigger than its body, just like a rubber ball.

At first, netizens thought that the dog must have been stung by a bee. After all, many pets have had this experience. However, when the rescuers arrived and caught it, they understood the situation but did not want to talk anymore. Heartbroken.

It turns out that the reason why this dog has such a big head is because of the collar on its neck. Maybe it was artificially put on a collar when it was young, but as it gets older, With the growth, the collar could no longer adapt to the growth of its body, causing the collar to grow into the flesh of its neck, causing brain edema and turning it into a big head.

The stray dog's head was bigger than its body. I thought it was stung by a bee. I felt very distressed after learning about the situation.

Rescue After the staff removed the collar, the dog was still bleeding from its neck. However, the dog was very well-behaved and showed no aggressive behavior. I hope it will get better.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming was really distressed when he saw this scene. He thought it was a funny thing, but he didn’t expect it to be so heavy. Maybe this dog was man-made, maybe it originally had an owner, but behind the scenes The story is unknown, I just hope that it will be happy in the future.

The head of a stray dog ​​is larger than its body. I thought it was stung by a bee. I feel distressed after learning about the situation.

There are always endless cases of abuse of stray animals. Every once in a while, there will be an incident of animal abuse. The veterinarian Xiao Ming is really heartbroken. You don't have to love them. , why hurt them? In front of humans, stray animals are extremely weak.

Many places have now set up stray animal shelters, and the number of stray animals outside has also been reduced a lot. I hope everyone When you see stray animals, you can be more tolerant and loving, and don't hurt them. In addition, when you see someone abusing animals, you can stand up and condemn them, don't be silent, otherwise the animal abuse will never stop.

< p> Popular science by veterinarian Xiao Ming: When some people see stray animals on the road, they will want to touch them and tease them. Don’t do this. The food that stray animals eat is unhygienic and carries a lot of bacteria on them, which can easily To infect people, just throw some food to them from a distance.

People who want to adopt stray animals must take them to the hospital for a physical examination and get vaccinated before taking them home. and deworming work. Don’t rush to give them a bath after bringing them home. Their bodies are very weak at this time and they are prone to illness.