The owner planned to take the cat out, but when he came back without taking anything,

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Many people who raise cats like to keep them at home. In fact, doing so is cruel to cats. You must know that cats are pets with a wandering personality, and they admire freedom in their hearts. So many times the cat will see a scene like this. Cats are sitting alone by the window, staring outside with their eyes. In fact, they really want to go out and play.

A netizen has a cat at home. The cat likes to go out for a walk, but he is worried about the cat's safety, so the netizen only lets the cat out to play every once in a while. However, because it has rained recently, the cat has not gone out to play for many days, and netizens can hear the cat sitting at the door and meowing basically every day, how much it wants to go out and play.

Just this morning, netizens looked at the good weather outside and thought about letting the cat out. And the cat seemed to know that he was about to go out to play, so he waited at the door early. But when the netizen wanted to open the door, he remembered that there was something he didn't take, so he turned around to get it. When he came back, he saw the scene in front of him. This cat must have become a spirit!

The owner planned to take the cat out, but he didn't take anything. When he came back...

Meow: So happy , I can go out and play again

Meow: Forget it, if this shit-shoveling officer doesn’t come to open the door, I’ll do it myself

The owner planned to take the cat out, but didn't take anything, and then came back. When...

Meow: Why can't it be opened?

Miao Ge: Hahahaha, this cat is really a spirit, and he even knows how to open the door by himself!