The precious ragdoll cat is used as a lucky cat, quietly waiting for the arrival of guests. I am very lucky.

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Many pets have started working to earn food, which shows that life is not easy! Some cats have even been officially registered as civil servants because of their part-time jobs, which makes people envious.

The reason why the cat in this story works makes people laugh or cry, but it still works hard and makes a serious "lucky cat". I have to say that this idea is quite strange!

The precious ragdoll cat is used as a

On December 27, a french bulldog came to the pet hospital. It was very close to the Ragdoll cat, and they had a lively fight. Just that afternoon, they were running around excitedly. The cat jumped on the front desk and accidentally kicked the Lucky Cat. Because of this kick, the lucky cat in the hospital was broken into pieces.

Subsequently, the ragdoll cat immediately fled the "crime scene", but the trouble it caused was seen by the staff and was clearly captured by the surveillance camera, so it could not let go even if it wanted to.

Although Ragdoll cats are very expensive, since you have made a mistake, you cannot turn a blind eye! So, in order to punish it, the store thought of a good idea, treat it as a ready-made "lucky cat"! From that day on, as long as he had nothing to do, he would sit in the lucky cat's place.

I saw the Ragdoll cat acting very well-behaved, sitting motionless on the red cushion, staring straight ahead, quietly waiting for the arrival of the guests: I am very lucky! If you don’t look carefully, you might think it is a stuffed toy! Many guests always ask out of curiosity, why is it sitting here? Is it to help the pet hospital attract money?

After the staff explained, they suddenly realized that they had gotten into trouble and had no choice but to be a real "lucky cat"! Since the ragdoll cat became the "lucky cat", the hospital's business has indeed improved a lot, probably because it was attracted by it.

The precious ragdoll cat is used as a

Hahahahaha, the store owner is also a talent, and he can think of such a good way to attract business! Just because of the ragdoll cat’s appearanceIt’s worth it, who can resist it!

In fact, there are many temptations from the outside world, such as the temptation of money, which can easily lead you astray if you are not careful. We should keep our feet on the ground, not be disturbed by anything, and rely on our own efforts to change our current lives. We must not think about "eating to become fat in one go"!

Popular science from veterinarian Xiao Ming:

The Ragdoll cat is docile, quiet, and extremely friendly to people. It also behaves extremely well-behaved when getting along with other cats and dogs. Because they are so tolerant of pain, they can be mistaken for a lack of pain.

This is not actually the case. They are just very tolerant of children's play and are a very suitable pet for families with children. Because of this, they lack the instinct to protect themselves and are not aggressive. It is not recommended to take them out to prevent them from being harmed.

Secondly, Ragdoll cats are very clingy and will always follow their owners. They are quiet most of the time, occasionally play with toys, and participate in the daily life of the family.