A child bitten by a vicious dog was beaten to death by his parents. The owner of the dog claims compensation of NT$20,000.

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Ms. He, the owner of a community in Shenzhen, Guangdong, has a pet dog at home. Since she does not tie it on a leash on weekdays, she lets it wander around the community

One morning, Ms. He’s pet dog was lying on the lawn of the community. She was bitten by a child playing on the street. Ms. Tao, the mother of the bitten child, approached Ms. He and asked her to compensate for the medical expenses and to tie up her dog. Ms. He ignored her after she paid the compensation.

No After a while, the pet dog bit Ms. Tao's child again. After Ms. Tao's husband learned about it, he beat the pet dog to death in front of Ms. He's house in a rage.

The child bitten by a vicious dog was beaten to death by his parents, and the dog owner claimed 20,000

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< p>Afterwards, Ms. Tao sued the child's parents to court and demanded that Ms. He's family compensate 20,000 yuan.

When interviewed by the reporter, Ms. He said: She has kept her dog for three years and eats roasted duck every meal, so a claim of 20,000 yuan is already too generous.

The child bitten by a vicious dog was beaten to death by his parents. The dog owner claimed 20,000

Ms. Tao said angrily: After beating the pet to death, Ms. He threatened that her child's life was not worth as much as a dog's life.

The reporter learned through the visit that Ms. He’s pet dog had bitten many children nearby

Ms. He told the reporter that the matter was true, but it was all caused by the ignorance of the children. It means that your dog will not take the initiative to bite people.

After hearing this, nearby residents said: It is understandable that one or two are ignorant. So many children were bitten. Isn’t everyone ignorant?

Later, the court heard that Ms. He was dismissed. The lawsuit demanded 20,000 yuan and required Ms. He to compensate for the medical expenses of the bitten child

The case has ended perfectly, which is very satisfying.

Human life is the most precious, how can it be compared with that of animals

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