Countries that can't rent giant pandas usually do this. Don't I want to lose face when it comes to crocodiles?

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Giant pandas are the national treasure of our country. Basically, there is no one who doesn’t like them. Many giant pandas in the giant panda base were born and raised here. The breeders here take good care of them, and people who like them will do the same. Travel thousands of miles to see the cute bear dumplings.

Those countries that can’t rent giant pandas usually do this. Crocodile: Don’t I want face?

Giant pandas have a very high status in our country, and they often fly to various parts of the country as messengers symbolizing friendship. However, because the number of giant pandas is too rare and they have been designated as rare and protected animals, giant pandas cannot be donated to other countries. If a country wants to raise giant pandas, in addition to friendship, they must also be prepared to pay very expensive rent. . In terms of rent, accommodation, food, etc., raising a giant panda is not cheap. It costs more than 6 million yuan a year, so some countries simply cannot afford this large expense.

But if a country likes giant pandas but cannot afford to raise them, what will they do? Some staff at the National Zoo tried their best. Not only that, these two crocodiles were put on makeup and painted in panda colors. This scene is really getting weirder and weirder as we watch it. The crocodile cannot compare with our bear dumpling in terms of size or appearance. I wonder how big the inner shadow area of ​​the two crocodile brothers who suddenly changed their colors will be.

Those countries that can't rent giant pandas usually do this. Crocodile: Don't I want face?

In addition to the crocodiles, two elephants also received the same treatment. Compared to the crocodiles, the panda-colored elephants are indeed much cuter.

But it also makes people laugh and cry. The editor just wants to ask, did you get the consent of the elephant and crocodile? Another question is why they don’t find long-haired, cute puppies and monkeys to dress up. I really don’t understand how these people think. However, it also proves from another perspective that the value and popularity of our national treasure can have a globalAn animal that is loved by everyone in the world, it is really a pretty face. Countries that can't rent giant pandas usually do this. Crocodile: Don't I want to lose face?