Someone was checked on the street! Be careful, these pets cannot be kept...

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On the morning of April 6, three thrushes were released into the sky by volunteers in Cixi Forest Park, Ningbo.

“The thrush was confiscated by the police from a bird breeder. Even though it is just a small thrush, it is not something you can raise casually.” On the morning of April 10, Cixi City Wildlife Protection Shi Jianqing, president of the association, said in an interview with reporters.

“Many common birds are included in the list, and it is illegal to raise them without permission.” Shi Jianqing told reporters that in reality, many citizens do not understand this rule and raise illegally. The bird, if found, will face legal action.

Someone was checked on the street! Be careful, these pets are not allowed to be kept...

On April 3, some enthusiastic citizens asked The Xinpu Police Station reported that someone was walking a bird on the street and it was suspected to be a nationally protected animal. The police quickly dispatched the police, and after collecting evidence, they confirmed that these were three thrushes, which are national second-level key wild protected animals, and then handed them over to the Cixi City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau.

Currently, the case is still under further processing, and law enforcement agencies will impose corresponding penalties on the bird walker based on the circumstances. The thrush was sent to the rescue station and after many days of observation and breeding, it reached the release standard and was released into the wild by volunteers.

Someone was checked on the street! Be careful, these pets are not allowed to be kept...

Shi Jianqing said that although the thrush rescued this time It is a traditional cage bird that is popular among the people, but it has been added to the list of national key protected wild animals starting in 2021. The protection level is: Level II (2021.02.05).

In addition to the thrush, what other cage birds that were common in the past are also listed?

According to the adjusted and revised "List of National Key Protected Wild Animals" in February 2021, compared with the 244 species in the original list, there are 150 more species of key protected birds in the new version of the list. Among them, bustards, cranes, boobies, pelicans, eaglets, owls, falcons, trogons, hornbills, parrots, thrushes, and broadbills All species are protected.

Someone was checked on the street! Please note that these pets are not allowed to be kept...

In the new version of the list, more than ten species of passerine ornamental birds have been upgraded to national key protected wild animals , including thrush, skylark, Mongolian lark, blue-throated songbird, red-sided eagle-eye, etc.

Hunting, purchasing, transporting and selling the above-mentioned wild animals must be reported to the provincial wildlife authorities for approval ; Anyone who hunts, acquires, transports, or sells the above-mentioned wild animals without approval will be investigated for criminal responsibility for illegal hunting and illegal acquisition, transportation, and sale of precious and endangered wild animals.

Ningbo City The relevant person in charge of wildlife protection at the Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning told reporters that our country’s laws have relatively strict regulations on individuals keeping pets. The first and second-level protected animals in the national list of key protected wild animals, and the three national protected animals Species listed in the appendices of CITES and CITES (the Washington Convention, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) cannot be raised. Other foreign species that are not included in CITES cannot be raised without legal entry procedures.