Oil workers rescue crested grebe, a national second-level protected animal

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"Come and look, what kind of bird is this?" On the morning of April 7, Zang Qing, an employee of the oil production team in the Nanbao No. 1 working area of ​​the Jidong Oilfield, was doing a routine inspection on the territory of the No. 1 artificial island and came to the No. 5 measurement room. , I saw a small animal lying under the wall.

"Look, its wings seem to be injured. Quickly find a box and take it back to class and ask what to do." Colleagues Zhang Peng and Feng Yi, who heard the words, hurried over and said with concern. .

"I looked at it, how does it look like the birds in the picture that we attended the natural heritage declaration training session some time ago? I'll take a photo and ask." Feng Yi, the deputy safety captain on the side, said as he Took a photo of the little guy.

Oil workers rescued the national second-level protected animal

Employees were injured Bandaging treatment for crested grebe

The attentive Zang Qing found a cardboard box, picked up the injured bird, and brought it back to the team. Feng Yi also contacted the staff of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau. After a video connection, confirming that this cute "little guy" is the national second -level protection animal cordone, which mainly inhabits open plains, lakes, rivers and rivers , ponds, reservoirs and swamp areas. After inspection, the workers found that the crested grebe had a slight tear on its left wing, and there were traces of bleeding upon closer inspection. The staff speculated that the crested grebe came to Island No. 1 in search of food as the spring flowers bloomed, or was injured due to bites with other animals.

Oil workers rescued the national second-level protected animal

After listening to the staff's explanation, the workers found the team The red potion and alcohol in the essential medicine box were used to disinfect and bandage the crested grebe's wounds, and the animal was given water thoughtfully. Under everyone's care, the little guy regained his energy after a while. After getting permission from the staff, Zang Qing, Feng Yi and others took it to Luannan Wetland and released it.

Jidong Oilfield is located in the Caofeidian Wetland area, and some oil production platforms and production well stations have been integrated with wildlife reserves. To this end, Jidong Oilfield employees voluntarily established the Wildlife Protection Association, and there are endless incidents of rescuing and protecting animals, in order to create harmony between man and nature.The symbiotic good environment contributes the strength of oil workers.