A rural girl kept a dog for five years and felt unwell and went to the hospital for a check-up

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We all know that dogs are their owners’ most loyal friends, so many owners love their dogs so deeply that they don’t shy away from their dogs.

Many owners hug their dogs at all times without washing or disinfecting their hands; their dogs crawl into their owners’ beds to sleep, and their owners don’t wash the sheets; there are also dogs running around in the living room. Jumping on the sofa, the owner doesn't know how to clean regularly. If this continues, something will go wrong one day.

A rural girl has been raising dogs for five years, and she went to the hospital for check-up when she felt unwell

No, in a certain rural area, a girl had a dog They have been together for 5 years, and they have a very deep affection for each other and rarely keep distance. Because the relationship is so good, the girl wants the dog to accompany her no matter what she does. Even when she sleeps, the dog will accompany her. She feels safe this way.

The girl doesn’t know that she is too close to the dog and may be infected with some diseases by the dog at any time.

In this way, the girl ate and slept with the dog every day. Finally one day, the girl's health appeared. The skin all over her body was red, and there were many red spots. There were bouts of itching. In desperation, the girl went to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination. She would not have known it without the examination, but the examination shocked her.

It turns out that this girl suffers from a very serious skin disease. Many of these diseases are transmitted from pets. It is because many owners are too close to their pets and do not pay attention to hygiene, so they become infected. If you don't pay attention to health and hygiene, your body may even become rotten.

After hearing what the doctor said, the girl felt like she woke up instantly.

A rural girl has been raising dogs for five years. She went to the hospital for check-up when she felt unwell

She never took it seriously before and always thought she bathed the dog every day. , the dog will be very clean, and she has no idea that there are still many bacteria on the dog that cannot be washed away.

Afterwards, the woman listened to the doctor's advice and applied some medicine. She also began to pay attention to the hygiene at home and kept a distance from the dog.

More than a month later, the woman's physical condition gradually improved, and she finally understood a truth: There are thousands of ways to love dogs, and it does not necessarily have to be in close contact with them. This is not only bad for herself, but also bad for the pet.

I hope every dog ​​owner can understand this and stop getting too close to dogs. They are just pets after all.