Be particular about using cat litter! If you don’t pay attention to these 6 problems, they will affect your cat’s health in minutes.

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Does the owner think that cat litter is just a place for cats to defecate? But as everyone knows, inferior cat litter can seriously affect the health of cats, so owners are very particular when using cat litter. They must pay attention to these 6 issues!

Be careful when using cat litter! I didn't pay attention to these 6 problems. Affects your cat's health in minutes

1. Clean the cat litter every day

Cats love to be clean, even if they poop, they are very particular about the litter box. If it is not cleaned, the cat's excrement accumulates in the cat litter, which will be very dirty and breed bacteria, affecting the cat's health.


Owners should clean the litter box frequently and promptly, shovel the litter at least once a day, replace all cat litter regularly and clean the cat litter box.

2. Change cat litter regularly

In addition to shoveling poop every day, it is also very important to change cat litter regularly. If the cat litter is not replaced in time, the cat litter that absorbs urine will produce odor and attract mosquitoes, which is very unhygienic.


Generally speaking, cat litter should be changed every half a month or once a month. The litter box should be washed and dried before adding new cat litter;< /p>

The thickness of cat litter can be 5-8 cm thick, which is more suitable for cats to dig cat litter.

3. Choose good quality cat litter

Although cat litter is only used by cats to defecate, it is also an item that has close contact with cats. Cats have to dig cat litter and even Likes to rub in the cat litter.


So when owners choose cat litter, they should avoid some inferior cat litter. The aflatoxin and formaldehyde in it will seriously affect the cat’s health!

So choose cat litter with better quality and better reputation. It will be more comfortable and healthy for the cat to use, and it will be more "comfortable" for the owner to shovel poop.

4. Choose cat litter suitable for cats

When choosing cat litter, you can try several types to see which cat likes it best; mix the two types of cat litter together to learn from each other's strengths; Try not to choose scented cat litter. Although it smells good to the owner, the cat often doesn't like it.

1. Bentonite cat litter

Bentonite cat litter is composed of bentonite or natural sand and gravel, which is very cost-effective, economical and practical. When encountering cat feces and urine, it can quickly form into a ball, and it can be shoveled out in a ball when cleaning, which is very convenient.

Disadvantages: The dust is relatively large and easily adsorbed to the cat, causing the cat's nose to be sensitive. The ability to absorb odors is relatively average, and the cat litter needs to be changed frequently.

2. Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter is also called silica gel cat litter. It is translucent and granular. Some will add small colored beads. Deodorizing and antibacterial effects. This kind of cat litter has no dust, strong water absorption capacity, and will change color after absorbing the cat's urine.

Disadvantages: It does not clump into lumps, is difficult to clean, and will need to be replaced before long.

3. Tofu cat litter

The main material of tofu cat litter is tofu residue products, which are non-toxic and harmless, and will not affect the health of cats if they accidentally eat them; It can be dissolved in water and can be flushed directly into the toilet, which is very convenient and environmentally friendly; it is also effective in clumping and absorbing odors.

Disadvantages: It is not very absorbent and will turn into a puddle when combined with urine, but it is quite convenient to shovel.

5. Place the cat litter box

Cats like to go to the toilet in relatively hidden places. There are objects they don’t like on the way to the toilet; cats litter when people often walk around. Everywhere you go will cause cats to urinate randomly because they don’t like the defecation environment.


The owner can choose a corner of the room to place a litter box for the cat. And clear the obstacles on the way to the toilet.

6. Choose a litter box of the appropriate size for your cat

Some owners use a litter box for their cats that is so small that it is even difficult for the cat to dig litter and turn around in it. It will make the cat very uncomfortable when defecating and may even look for other places to urinate.


Give your cat a toilet with a large space, preferably 1.5 times the length and width of the cat’s body, so that the cat can easily move around inside.

If the owner’s cat often has smelly poop, it may be due to poor digestion or eating a lot of meat, which can easily cause smelly poop. In order to restore the fresh air in the home, the owner can usually feed the cat some crude fiber food. Or cat food, which will reduce the smell of stool.

Be careful when using cat litter! I didn't pay attention to these 6 problems. Affects your cat's health in minutes

For example, "Ganbugui Natural Cat Food" is rich in dietary fiber, promotes intestinal peristalsis, and contains yucca powder, which enhances digestion and absorption capabilities and effectively improves constipation and odor.