What novice cat owners must know: why should we use cat litter? How often should we change cat litter?

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Cats are pets that many people like to keep. They are smart and loyal, very cute and clingy, so they are very popular with everyone. There are also many people who want to keep cats, but raising cats is not an easy task at home. Raising cats will inevitably produce some odors, which can make people very uncomfortable. Cat litter can reduce the smell of cat feces and help pets solve some of their troubles. Cat litter has certain deodorizing properties, but it must be replaced regularly, otherwise There will still be an unpleasant odor. For novice cat owners, there is a lot to know about the use of cat litter. Why should we use cat litter? How often should we change the cat litter? Did you know everything?

Things novice cat owners must know, why should we use cat litter? How often is the best time to change cat litter?

Why should we use cat litter for cats? When we raise cats, we must train them to get used to using cat litter. The purpose of using cat litter is to better deal with the cat’s excrement. If the cat does not use cat litter, we must clean up the cat’s excrement anytime and anywhere, and will There is a strong odor in the home, but after using cat litter, you only need to change the cat litter regularly, and it will not produce odor, which is convenient and practical! How often should cat litter be replaced? The price of cat litter ranges from expensive to cheap. It is recommended that you change it every two weeks or so. Of course, it should be determined based on the actual situation. Good cat litter can be used for a long time. When using cat litter, you should also use it with pet deodorizing disinfectant, which can completely decompose the cat's excrement without producing odor!

What will happen if the cat litter is not replaced in time? If the cat litter is not replaced in time, it will easily stink and make the whole room smell like pets. Moreover, the cats themselves will dislike the cat litter and will urinate and defecate everywhere. , it will be more troublesome to deal with, and if it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, which is not good for pets and people!

How to change cat litter? Many people change cat litter by throwing out the old ones and putting all the new ones in. In fact, this is inappropriate because the cats are not given an adaptation period. They are cautious by nature and are very sensitive to changes in the environment, so they should replace them all with new ones. The litter will make the cat uncomfortable and make it feel uneasy. It may not urinate in new cat litter, but will do it everywhere. We have done a good job of replacing the old cat litter with half-mixed new ones. Each time we pour some new cat litter into the old cat litter, and gradually increase the amount of new cat litter mixed in, this gives the cat an adaptation period! Finally, the purpose of changing cat litter is achieved.

Things novice cat owners must know, why should we use cat litter, and how often should we change cat litter?

How thick is the appropriate thickness of cat litter? Many people are not clear about the amount of cat litter to use. Putting too little cat litter will not achieve the effect. Putting too much cat litter and using it up several times is also a problem. It’s not a small expense, and cat litter is generally best if it’s 3-5 centimeters thick. Do you all know about the use of cat litter?