The choice of cat litter is a big problem! What are the differences between different types of cat litter?

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I believe many poop scrapers have had this dream: It would be great if the cat at home could squat on the toilet to go to the toilet by itself. Not only does this save you from shoveling poop, but you also save money on buying cat litter. It’s really a good thing that kills two birds with one stone. It's certainly a good thing for cats to learn to go to the toilet at designated times, but it's also a grievance for the cat. Every time the owner shovels the cat litter, he will be hit by an unspeakable stench that makes him doubt his life! So, if you choose the wrong cat litter, both the cat and the scavenger will have a unhappy life.

The choice of cat litter is a big problem! There are different types of cat litter What's the difference?

At present, the pet market There are really many types of cat litter on the Internet, some are claimed to remove odors, some are good at clumping, and some are even said to have many benefits for cats. This also causes litter scrapers to be confused when choosing cat litter for cats, and they don’t know which one to choose.

In fact, the types of cat litter are nothing more than a few fixed types, which are just slightly processed on the inherent types. So let’s take a look at the common types of cat litter~


1. Tofu Cat Litter

The recently popular tofu cat litter frequently appears on a certain audio platform and is highly recommended by many shit scrapers. In fact, the main ingredient of tofu cat litter is tofu dregs. Because of its composition, tofu litter has very good clumping properties. It is also healthy and environmentally friendly. Even if the cat accidentally eats it, there is no need to worry about safety issues. There is almost no dust at all, and the effect of masking the odor is very good, and it can be flushed directly in the toilet.

But tofu cat litter also has disadvantages: when the tofu cat litter is mixed with water, it will have a slight beany smell, and the price is on the high side! (Poop shovelers must not be greedy for convenience. If it is soluble in water, just pour a plate of cat litter into the toilet. In the end, the toilet will be clogged! The editor learned the lesson of blood and tears)

2. Pine cat litter< /p>

The main ingredients of pine cat litter are pine wood, hay or corn cobs. Most of the pine cat litter is long strips of large particles, so it is difficult for the cat to take it out of the litter box. The dust is very small and has its own pine aroma. Not only can the pine cat litter be flushed directly through the toilet, but it can also Use it as flower fertilizer, which is more environmentally friendly! It does not clump and will spread into powder after absorbing water.

Pine cat litter also has many disadvantages: I believe that many novice poop scoopers will choose pine cat litter at the beginning. This kind of cat litter has large particles and will irritate your cat’s feet! Not only does pine wood sand not hold together, it also turns into powder when exposed to water, so if you want to use pine wood sand, you must use a double-layer cat litter box! Pine cat litter is not very effective in changing the smell, and it is easy to breed bacteria in humid weather.Therefore, friends from rainy cities in the south should be careful when purchasing!

3. Bentonite cat litter

Bentonite cat litter generally has smaller particles, so the cat’s feet will feel better! There are two types of bentonite cat litter: strip-shaped and ball-shaped. Compared to spherical bentonite, strip-shaped cat litter has poorer clumping properties. However, because the strip-shaped cat litter has larger particles, it is not easy for cats to take it out of the litter box. . Because bentonite cat litter is low in price, it is still very popular among poop scrapers!

Disadvantages of bentonite cat litter: Very dusty! Small particles can easily be taken out of the litter box by cats, and bentonite cat litter cannot be flushed directly through the toilet. Friends in garbage sorting cities must consider carefully before purchasing!

ps: In fact, there is no perfect cat litter in this world. What scavengers can do is to choose a cat litter that cats like and is harmless to the cat’s body. And when we choose a cat litter, try not to change the type or even brand of cat litter at will, because cats will be very sensitive to new things, and frequent changes will make cats give up using the litter box!

The choice of cat litter is a big problem! There are different types of cat litter What's the difference?

The process of changing cat litter should be done step by step, so that the cat can adapt to the new cat litter! The most expensive is not necessarily the best, only the one that is truly suitable for the cat is the best for it~