Do giant pandas also like to eat cones? Shenzhen Wildlife Park giant pandas enter bamboo shoot season

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"The giant panda looks so cute eating bamboo shoots, and the bamboo shoots are shaped like a cone." On April 11, a child said to his mother while watching the giant panda eating bamboo shoots at the Panda Manor of the Shenzhen Wildlife Park. . April is full of spring and it is the bamboo shoot harvest season. The two giant pandas "Yuan Zhou" and "Qiu Bang" living in the park have entered the "bamboo shoot season". The fresh, juicy, crisp and delicious bamboo shoots were a feast for the two giant pandas.

Giant pandas also like to eat

In the Panda Manor of the zoo, giant pandas sit and enjoy bamboo shoots. They eat them in a very particular way. They hold the bamboo shoots with two forelimbs, or hold the bamboo shoots with one forelimb, and peel off the layers one by one with their mouths. The layers of bamboo shoot skin are gradually exposed, and then the bamboo shoot meat is eaten with relish. The whole bamboo shoot has a cone shape, just like eating a delicious "bamboo shoot cone".

Giant pandas also like to eat

It is understood that bamboo leaves, bamboo stems and bamboo shoots are the main food of giant pandas, among which bamboo shoots are the favorite food of giant pandas. Currently, according to the eating habits of the two giant pandas "Yuanzhou" and "Qiubang" living in the Shenzhen Wildlife Park, the "bamboo shoot season" is usually from the end of March to the beginning of May every year. There are more bamboo shoots, so giant pandas will give priority to eating young bamboo shoots. Giant pandas will gradually gain weight during the "bamboo shoot season".