Yaya will be transported to the airport via a temperature-controlled truck, and American veterinarians will accompany her back to China.

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A few days ago, the physical condition of the giant panda Yaya in the United States and the progress of her return to China have received widespread attention. On April 11, reporters learned that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently received an application from the Memphis Zoo. The document details the various procedures for "Yaya" to return to China, including that U.S. veterinarians will accompany the giant pandas in the United States. Yaya returned to China and was transported to the airport via temperature-controlled trucks.

The current situation of the giant panda "Yaya"

The document also provides a detailed description of the type, size and structure of the shipping container required by the Memphis Zoo to transport "Yaya", as well as the entire transportation process. The giant panda "Yaya" will be transported from the Memphis Zoo to the Memphis International Airport via a temperature-controlled truck. After completing customs clearance and related inspections, "Yaya" will be escorted to the U.S. FedEx hub and delivered directly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport by FedEx.

In addition, a keeper responsible for caring for pandas at the Memphis Zoo and Dr. Felicia Knightley, a senior veterinarian at the Memphis Zoo, will monitor the status of "Yaya" throughout the transportation and will take the transportation The giant panda's plane heads to China to ensure that "Yaya" has a smooth journey back home.

The container transporting "Yaya" announced by the Memphis Zoo

On April 11, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference. Wang Wenbin said that after learning from the competent authorities, according to the giant panda cooperative research agreement reached between the China Zoo Association and the Memphis Zoo in the United States, the cooperation between the two parties expired on April 7 this year. The Memphis Zoo in the United States held a farewell ceremony on April 8. ceremony. Next, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will study and issue export licenses according to procedures after the announcement of export licenses for giant pandas "Yaya" and "Lele" ends on April 12. China has now made all preparations to bring back the giant panda "Yaya" and will cooperate with the U.S. agencyStrengthen coordination to complete pre-transport health assessments. After the license is issued, the giant panda "Yaya" will be safely transported back to China as quickly as possible.

Wang Wenbin said that currently experts from the China Zoo Association and two professional technicians from the Beijing Zoo are jointly carrying out giant panda breeding and care work with the Memphis Zoo in the United States, and have basically mastered the daily feeding of the giant panda "Yaya" Condition. Currently, "Yaya" is in relatively stable condition except for hair loss caused by skin disease. China has made various preparations to welcome "Yaya" back to China in terms of isolation and quarantine sites, breeding sites, feeding plans, medical support, and feed supply.