My boyfriend gave the dog a bath, opened the door, looked at it, and then silently backed out

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Men and women seem to be two completely different creatures in some matters. They may have two completely different views on the same thing. And this difference is also reflected in raising pets, such as the story to be told below.

My boyfriend gave the dog a bath, opened the door and quietly backed out

This woman has two dogs at home. She usually They take care of their daily life by themselves. One day, the dog went out to play and got dirty. Since it was not convenient for the woman to bathe the dog due to special circumstances, the woman asked her boyfriend to wash them both, thinking that she would be at home anyway and there should be no problems.

However, after the boyfriend took the dog in, it took a long time, but it still didn’t end. The woman was curious, so she pushed the door open and took a look, then silently exited. The situation inside was really hard to describe.

I saw two dogs lying in the bucket taking a bath. Seeing how they were enjoying it with their eyes closed, the woman said that the treatment was sour. She had never enjoyed it. No wonder she kept listening. If there is no movement, you must know that bathing a dog is as chaotic as a war.

But when the woman looked again, she found that the two dogs soaking in the bucket looked familiar. Haha, when I think about it, it looks like a pot of dog meat soup. It's almost cooked. It feels like it's ready to be served.