The puppy just arrived at his new home and was so nervous that he hugged the water pipe and refused to let go

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My mother often said that these little dogs are just like children. Some are naughty, some are shy, some are bold, and some get mad from time to time, leaving the two-foot-tall monks scratching their heads. I didn’t have much personal experience before raising a dog. Anyway, every time I see other people’s dogs, wow, they are so beautiful! so cute! How handsome! When I finally got a dog at home and had to go into battle myself, I found that things were more difficult than I thought.

At the very least, I don’t understand the language of the dog, and the newly purchased dog is far from being able to communicate with each other. My mother bought a little cute little dog with big ears and a round head, but its four legs are still quite strong. The little guy is the kind of shy and slow to warm up. On the first day when he got home, he didn't dare to leave the cage. After a few days, he gradually became familiar with the environment. However, if there was any disturbance, he would immediately hide and dare not come out.

The puppy has just arrived at the new home and is so nervous that he doesn't let go of the water pipe

The favorite place to hide is the kitchen. , holding on to the tap water pipe and not letting go, feeling particularly safe. Go ahead and tease it and take it out, and look at you with aggrieved eyes: No, don’t go, it’s dangerous outside, and only this water pipe is the best bodyguard.

The little guy has a strong sense of self-preservation. Every time he is scared to the point of hiding, it takes a long time to coax him to hold him. Put two paws on the water pipe, and it feels safe to lick it down. It seems that it takes a little more effort to comfort it and give it courage.