Not sure how to train a Bedlington Terrier in sheep's clothing? Here's the gist!

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I believe everyone has heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing, but have you ever heard of a dog in sheep's clothing? Today, the editor will introduce to you a dog in sheep's clothing - the bedlington terrier.

Bedlington Terrier has a cute and soft appearance, but actually has a fierce and aggressive wolf nature. It has been used to drive away small vermin, otters, foxes, etc. animal. In recent years, due to the beautiful appearance of Bedlington Terriers, more and more people raise Bedlington Terriers, just because this kind of dog barks, bites people, and attacks other dogs. Broken heart.

In fact, it is not difficult to control the Bedlington Terrier well, just master the training points of the Bedlington Terrier. The following editor will share with you.

Don't know how to train a Bedlington Terrier in sheepskin? Essentials Here!

1. Training Bedlington The terrier does not bark indiscriminately

The Bedlington terrier is a kind of dog that is easily excited. It will bark when it hears the wind and grass in life, which is easy to cause disturbance to the people, so training the Bedlington terrier should not Barking is important.

1. Exercise more: Sufficient exercise can consume the energy of the Bedlington Terrier. After playing or running all day, the Bedlington Terrier would rather have a good sleep than waste it. Energy barks.

2. Bite the bone: If there is something that can block the mouth of the Bedlington Terrier, the Bedlington Terrier will have no time to bark. When you are ready to go out, first throw the Bedlington Terrier's favorite toy, so that the Bedlington Terrier can pass the boring time.

3. Use your brain: If the Bedlington Terrier has something to do, there is no time to bark. Before going out, rub their favorite toys with your hands to keep your own smell on them. When the owner is invisible, the lonely Bedlington Terrier will spend more time looking for the owner's scent on the toy, and forget the dog bark.

4. Make some noise: the Bedlington Terrier will keep barking when it hears any disturbance. If you can’t completely get rid of the environmental noise, you might as well make some noise as a disturbance. For example, when the courier passes by, turn on the noisy vacuum cleaner to confuse the hearing of the Bedlington Terrier.

5. Respond to it: Sometimes the Bedlington Terrier keeps barking, just to convey some kind of message to the owner. Dumbo will naturally shut up.

Second, prohibit the training of Bedlington Terriers to bite people, animals and other bad behaviors

Bedlington terrier is a kind of fierce dog, with strong aggressiveness and high defense, so it is easy to hurt people, but it is good in obedience, as long as the Bedlington terrier is prohibited The training of bad behaviors such as biting people and animals is enough, the method is as follows:

When going out for a walk, take the Bedlington Terrier to a place where there are vehicles, pedestrians, livestock and poultry activities, and relax the leash , Let the Bedlington Terrier move freely, but closely monitor its actions to prevent accidents. If the dog has the performance of biting people or animals, it should immediately issue the "no" command in a threatening tone, accompanied by mechanical stimulation of pulling the leash; " password, and be rewarded. After repeated training many times, you can switch to directly grasping with the traction belt until the traction belt is cancelled.

The above is the editor’s sharing of the main points of Bedlington Terrier training. Have you mastered the shit shoveling officers?