To become a pet editor, one has to start with a Pomeranian PLUS!

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Before I became a pet editor, I also had a failed dog selection experience:

I heard a group of dogs barking in the Heidengxiahuo dog park,

I hurriedly chose pomeranian, the result is PLUS.

I wanted to go back to find the vendor, but I already have feelings.

I can't bear the dog to be hurt, so I have to be with it forever.

Every time I go out to sneak it, I will choose it in the dead of night, because I am worried that passers-by will cast "weird" eyes, and I am tired of hearing "this Samoyed is so cute", "This is a Pomeranian Well, it's not like", "It feels like a silver fox", and I don't bother to explain. After that, I simply called our dog Pomeranian PLUS in an "optimistic" way. In fact, I knew in my heart that it was a "kebab".

To become a pet editor, you have to learn from a Pomeranian PLUS Let's start!

(Pomeranian PLUS)

Since then, I have secretly vowed to become a pet editor and write articles on various dog selection skills, in order to prevent everyone from leaving me" Instead, you can choose your favorite purebred dog through various correct methods! The following are the Pomeranian selection skills compiled by the editor after "seeing away".

To become a pet editor, you have to learn from a Pomeranian PLUS Let's start!

(Pure Pomeranian)

1. The difference in body shape

From the point of view of shape, the pure Pomeranian is spherical as a whole (with the back hair The shape has a lot to do with it), the forelimbs of the purebred Pomeranian are slightly higher than the hind limbs, the hind limbs are straight and short, the distance between the forelimbs and the hind limbs is not large due to the overall small size, the root of the tail is high, and the chest is deep and wide.

Chuanchuan Pomeranian is the offspring of Pomeranian and other dog breeds, such as Samoyed and Silver Fox. Chuan Chuan Bomei's forelimbs and hind legs are almost the same height, and the distance between the front and rear legs is not so tight, even a bit long, so the whole body looks very slender, which is very obvious when it is an adult, and the spherical shape of the purebred Pomeranian can be seen from the naked eye.

2. Differences in the head

From the perspective of the head, the frontal segment of the purebred Pomeranian (referring to the tangent line of the front edge of the forehead and the tip of the nose The angle between the upper concave surface (in layman's terms is the depression below the forehead) is very obvious, and the angle between the bridge of the nose and the head is maintained at more than 90 degrees; the mouth is short and pointed, shaped like a small triangle; the ears are small, and the distance between the ears is moderate, 3-4 months At month's age it is almost buried in the head hair and cannot be seen directly.

The frontal angle of Chuanchuan Bomei is not obvious, so the intuitive feeling is that the face is very large; the lips appear slightly thick; the ears are large, wedge-shaped, and the distance between the ears is very wide, which does not appear to be so smart.

3. Differences in hair

Hair is an important reference for a Pomeranian to judge whether it is good or not from the intuitive feeling. The purebred Pomeranian's hair consists of two layers, the undercoat is soft and fine, the topcoat is hard and thick, covering the whole body, and the decorative hair on the chest is fluffy, long and wide.

Chuan Chuan Pomeranian's hair is not so thick, it even looks a little sparse, while the decorative hair on the chest is not so fluffy, it looks a little stiff.

And if one day, you accidentally choose Bomei PLUS due to negligence, please don't give up on it, after all, "Chuan Chuan" also has life, and it also deserves to be cared for!