The dog was abandoned by its owner. He didn't say a word the whole time and only cried silently!

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Although animals cannot speak human language, they are very smart and can judge what they want to do from human behavior. Especially small animals that are kept as pets are even more aware of their owners' every move. Yu Xin, some animals can even understand human language after being with people for a long time. So don’t think that animals don’t understand anything. They are actually very spiritual. For example, dogs are very loyal to their owners, and they also hope to be treated well by their owners.

The dog was abandoned by its owner. It didn't say a word the whole time, it would only

But there are so many people who keep dogs just for a whim, and then abandon them because they are bored. What is wrong with dogs? They are also animals with feelings. When dogs think they have a warm home from now on, they are suddenly abandoned, which makes them feel extremely embarrassed. Just like this abandoned golden retriever, it knew that after being abandoned, it remained silent and licked the wounds in its heart alone, which made people feel distressed.

The dog was abandoned by its owner. It didn't say a word the whole time and would only

Also The good golden retriever was adopted by a caring person. This kind person often adopts stray dogs on the street, so he already has several dogs in his home. Although the golden retriever has another home, it is obviously still immersed in the pain caused by its previous owner. After arriving at the new home, it has been hiding in the corner and is no longer interested in meeting new friends. Other dogs want to go up and say hello to the new member, but they ignore it.
When the new owner noticed something strange about it, he wanted to go to the corner to comfort the poor little guy. Only then did he realize that the corners of the golden retriever's eyes were actually shining with tears. It turned out that it was crying secretly. It seems that it knows very well that it has been abandoned by its owner, but as a dog, it cannot vent its emotions.

The new owner felt very distressed when he saw the golden retriever like this. You can imagine that when the owner wanted to abandon it, it actually had a premonition, but still endured it silently. Maybe it still has a glimmer of hope for its owner, hoping that the owner can come backLooking for it, but now it seems that its hope has been disappointed, and it can only accept the reality of being abandoned and silently add wounds to the corner.

The dog was abandoned by its owner. It didn't say a word the whole time and would only

Although Now the golden retriever has arrived in a new family and has a new owner, but as loyal as it is, it will not forget its former owner so quickly. But I believe that with the careful love and care of the new owner, the golden retriever can heal the trauma in his heart as soon as possible and become the lively and lovely dog ​​he is again.
Those who are not worthy of nostalgia should leave as soon as possible, and those who are irresponsible do not deserve the loyalty of dogs, because dogs are too simple, and their loyalty to their owners lasts a lifetime, but the owner’s loyalty to them is Love only lasts for a few days. Maybe dogs will never understand human selfishness, but everyone is asked to be kind to these cute little animals.