The golden retriever got separated from his owner and only wanted to eat and drink at the police station! Netizens laughed so hard it was in vain

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A few days ago, two highway traffic policemen in Jilin encountered two golden retrievers while on duty. When they opened the door of the police car, the two golden retrievers were not afraid of danger and took the initiative to get into the car. The police officers were very panicked when they saw the dogs, as if they were lost with their owners. He took the dog back to the police station for placement. Unexpectedly, when they arrived at the police station, they were just eating and drinking, with no intention of looking for their owners!

Golden Retriever got separated from his owner and went to the police station to just eat and drink! Netizens laughed and translated: Raised in vain

Two people from Jilin A few days ago, while the traffic police were on duty on the highway, they found two golden retrievers wandering on the road. After the dogs saw the police, they immediately rushed into the police car. "When I saw the dogs panicking, they must have been separated (from their owners). They ran up to me as soon as I got off the car. After petting the dog, the furry kid got on the car on his own."

The golden retriever was separated from its owner and went to the police station to only eat and drink! Netizens laughed: It was a waste of time.

But the funniest thing is that when the two golden retrievers arrived at the police station, they were not in a hurry to find their owner, but kept asking the police around them for help. "At first, the dogs were very cooperative in the car. Unexpectedly, after returning to the work (police station) and eating the buns, they kept begging for food from others, as if they were starving." The police said that the two dogs are still eating. When no owner came forward to claim them, they were asked if they would adopt the two furry children as police dogs. The police said they would not consider it, "Training police dogs needs to start from an early age. These two golden retrievers are already so big."
Many netizens said they would not consider it. After watching the video, everyone expressed their laughter, saying that after the dogs arrived at the police station, they never thought about finding their owners, but only cared about being fed. !"