Woman accidentally discovers dog with nine tails and screams monster

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In the past, it seemed that most people kept a dog at home to look after the house and the yard, and to prevent thieves from coming in. However, now with the slowdown in living standards, Slowly improving, more and more people like to keep dogs at home as pets, and anyone who has ever raised a dog should know that one of the most troublesome aspects of raising a dog is actually the dog. Will it lose hair in a certain season? Will this cause the Lord a great headache? Always trying to deal with it.

The woman accidentally discovered that the dog had nine tails and screamed: monster

This woman had a dog at home There was a dog that had been following the woman for several years. The dog was very familiar to everyone at home. On that day, there were guests coming to the house, so the woman went out to buy groceries early in the morning, and just when the woman came again When I returned home, I was frightened by the scene in front of me, and couldn't help but say: Monster! And immediately ran out the door. She actually saw that her dog suddenly changed and had nine tails. What kind of logic is this?