A Well-Trained Dalmatian Cannot Do Without These Five Golden Rules

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Speaking of the dalmatian, you may not be familiar with it, but when it comes to its nickname, Dalmatian, no one has never heard of it. Since the Disney animation "101 Dalmatians" became popular, the Dalmatian has also become a well-known dog.

Dalmatian not only has a good personality, but also has a very high IQ, so many families will use it as a guard dog or a companion dog. You don’t have to worry about getting along well with this kind of dog because it is very close to people. Such an excellent Dalmatian, if the owner trains it, it will become even better. Today, the editor will share with you the five golden rules of Dalmatian dog training.

A well-trained Dalmatian can't do without this Five Golden Rules

1 .Training age

The best training age for a Dalmatian is between half a year old and one year old. The owner must not miss the opportunity. Just like a child's education should start from an early age. Before one year old, Dalmatian's intelligence is not yet mature, and it is easy to form good habits. After one year old, dogs will form some habits, and it will be difficult to correct them at this time.

2. Training attitude

To make the Dalmatian more intelligent, the owner must be patient during training, Coax and lure, but if the Dalmatian is being lazy, the owner's attitude should be rewards and punishments, especially during training. If you make a mistake, you should accept criticism and education. Of course, you should also get the owner's encouragement if you perform well. and praise.

3. Training subjects

The content and actions of Dalmatian dog training depend on the specific situation of the dog, although this type of dog can be trained It is strong, but it is really difficult to make it stand and bow. Owners can teach it to sit, lie down, move forward, shake hands and other subjects.

4. Training skills

When you first start training Dalmatian dogs, the dog may not have the concept of the owner's instructions, so the owner is training The first thing to do is to let the dog get familiar with the instructions as soon as possible. At this time, it is necessary to guide the dog to complete the training step by step, so as to gradually develop the habit of the Dalmatian and let it be familiar with the whole training process.

5. Training method

For obedient Dalmatian dogs, you only need to train them step by step. And for those naughty Dalmatian dogs who are unwilling to train, they can adopt compulsory and seductive training methods. After all, if a training is repeated too many times, let alone dogs, even people will get bored. To increase the enthusiasm of Dalmatian dogs to participate in training, the temptation of food and toys are all feasible ways. If it doesn’t work, the owner has to take coercive methods to teach the Dalmatian to complete the training content, but the owner must comfort him afterwards.

Okay, the above are some golden rules in Dalmatian dog training. I hope that after reading it, you can train your pet dog to be well-behaved and sensible~