The feeding precautions for Golden Retrievers have been sorted out, shit shovelers get it soon!

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It has shiny golden fur, a cheerful smile when it opens its mouth, and it is full of energy when it runs. It is cutegolden retriever, commonly known as Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers are born with a strong physique. They were once favored by hunters and were specially used to catch water birds. Later, people gradually found that it was docile, friendly, and almost non-aggressive, so it was mostly kept as a domestic dog. But do you know how to be an excellent golden retriever parent? Today, the editor is here to tell you about the feeding precautions for golden retrievers, so take a notebook and write them down~

Golden Retriever's feeding precautions have been sorted out, excrement scavengers get it soon!

1. Feeding according to age

When the golden retriever is just born, a single breastfeeding is enough. When the long teeth are weaned, they can start feeding them liquid food. For example, excrement shovelers can mix canned meat with warm boiling water to make a paste, or soak dry food for puppies in heated water until soft. And after three months, you can start eating puppy dog ​​food. When they are about 1 year old, they will eat adult dog food, and after 8 years old, they will eat old dog food. Be careful not to confuse them.

2. Calcium supplement

The combination of meat and vegetables and balanced nutrition are the basic feeding essentials for all dogs, but for golden retrievers, a lot of calcium needs to be supplemented. Because golden retriever dogs have thick bones, they need a lot of calcium during growth. Calcium plus vitamin AD pills for daily feeding of pets can avoid the deformation of bones and legs, but it must be in accordance with the doctor's advice.

3. Feeding taboos

Golden Retrievers are prone to skin diseases, especially pyoderma, so they should not be fed food with too much salt, as this will increase the chance of the disease . In addition, there are green onion foods such as shallots and onions that cannot be fed. Because some golden retriever dogs can cause hemolysis of red blood cells and hematuria after eating this kind of food.related to some substances.

4. Feeding frequency

It is recommended to feed golden retriever dogs three to four times a day from weaning to three months old; three to six months old, two to three times a day; From one month to one year old, twice a day; over one year old, once or twice a day. Note that the feeding time can be matched with the work and rest time of the excrement shoveler, and try to eat small meals frequently.

5. Regular feeding

Golden Retrievers like a regular life, such as fixed eating time and walking time, so it is best for shit shovelers to feed on time every day, and it is not recommended to give Golden Retrievers Dogs are given regular food, and they are prone to obesity if they eat casually, and a seven-percent full portion is enough.

6. Clean the tableware

Wash the dishes immediately after meals to avoid spoilage of leftover food residues, peculiar smells or attracting pests. At the same time, the tableware should be removed in time to prevent the golden retriever from treating the rice bowl as a toy.

Okay, the above are some precautions about feeding golden retriever dogs. All shit shovelers must take note carefully, and then take good care of the dog, and be a qualified golden retriever parent~