After the dog was styled and came home, the style of the dog's painting was taken away and I didn't even want to talk after seeing it.

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February 3 has already been the beginning of spring, and the temperature has begun to rise in most areas. Dog owners are also starting to get ready, planning to give their dogs a new look before the Chinese New Year.

The owner in this story is no exception. After all, the New Year brings a new atmosphere, and a change of appearance also means the beginning of a new year. But after the dog was styled, everyone was shocked. Is it still the same dog?

This owner is going to take his dog to have his hair trimmed and get a new look. But as the end of the year approached, I became busier with work, so I had to ask my best friend to help take it with me.

The dog came home after being styled, and the style of the painting was taken off, and I don't want to talk after looking at it

When the dog finished styling and came home, the owner was full of expectations, but he was stunned. The painting style of the dog was taken astray, and I didn’t want to say anything after seeing it: Are you sure it’s not a sheep? At first glance, it doesn’t look like my own dog! I’m convinced by this appearance, won’t it make me look more beautiful after the styling?

Then the owner called out the dog’s name, and the dog responded. It seems that my best friend did not hug the wrong dog, but the appearance is really hard to describe. The dog's ears were drooped. Not only did it look fluffy, but it was also chubby. No matter whether the dog is standing or lying down to sleep, if you don’t look carefully, you will think it is a sheep.

Netizen: I am so cute by this "little sheep", are you sure it doesn't bleat? It’s so cute!

Hahahahaha, veterinarian Xiao Ming feels that the dog’s shape cannot be said to be a failure. It is quite unique, but it just does not meet the owner’s requirements. In addition, after trimming the hair, the dog may feel different from before, and may also have low self-esteem. The owner must pay attention to their mood.

The dog came home after being styled, and the style of the painting was taken off, and I don't want to talk after looking at it

Nowadays, many owners have begun to trim their dogs’ hair at will. You must know that hair not only keeps dogs warm, but also protects their skin. If the hair is too long, you can take your dog to the pet hospital to trim it. Usually, as long as you take good care of your hair, comb it regularly to avoid hair loss.tie.

Popular science from veterinarian Xiao Ming:

Many dog ​​owners will give their dogs new looks or even dye them. In fact, frequently dyeing your dog’s hair will cause severe hair loss and even damage the skin.

Although dyeing can make dogs look more beautiful, the dye contains a large number of chemicals and some pungent odors, which may cause respiratory infections in them. Secondly, most dogs like to lick their fur. If harmful substances are eaten into their stomachs, it will damage their intestines and stomach.

In addition, after dogs dye their hair, they will become different from the same kind, and even appear strange, which is likely to cause great harm to their psychology.