The dog’s eyes widened when he saw his owner eating sweet potatoes. Can you give me a bite?

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Dogs eating randomly is not really news, because many dog ​​owners will find that their dogs have this strange bad habit for no reason.

Some dog owners may be impatient and will use mustard to prevent their dogs from eating randomly, such as applying mustard on things that are not allowed to be eaten by their dogs. However, there is no such thing as "preventing thieves within a thousand days". reason. You know, dogs will remember you.

The dog's eyes widened when he saw his owner eating sweet potatoes: Can you give me a bite?

This pet owner’s little Bichon Frize usually doesn’t think it is very greedy when the family eats, but whenever someone at home eats sweet potatoes, it becomes extremely greedy. In the past, I jumped on the table because I was greedy for sweet potatoes, knocking over other things along with it. There is no doubt that sweet potatoes are the life of this little Bichon Frize!

On this day, the little master was chewing a small sweet potato and watching TV. He didn’t notice how much the little Bichon next to him wanted to eat the sweet potato! During the filming process, the hostess couldn't help laughing because she almost couldn't take the photo, right? Look, it's eyes are fixed when you're taking the picture, but turn to take the picture from an angle? It was still staring straight at the sweet potato, its eyes widening: Can you give me a bite? If you zoom in a little closer, you can probably see the dog squirming.

The dog's eyes widened when he saw his owner eating sweet potatoes: Can you give me a bite?

Fortunately, the little master finally discovered what the little Bichon was thinking, turned around and looked at the little Bichon with a happy face, "Hehe, are you greedy again?" Maybe it was because he was usually intimate with the little Bichon. Being used to it, the little master just put his head over and stretched out his mouth.

Many people may exclaim when they see this, "Oh, isn't this very unhygienic?" But I can only say that it is too much to make a fuss about, because the next second, the dog seems to be very conscious. I moved my mouth symbolically, but got nothing.

It can be seen that this family must be very fond of this little bichon, and they must have given it this favorite food in the end! The happy dog ​​deserves it!

Seeing the owner eating sweet potatoes, the dog's eyes widened: Can you give me a bite?

Popular science by veterinarian Xiao Ming:

The reason why dogs have strange eating behaviors or suddenly become greedy Pica is most likely caused by a lack of certain trace elements in the body. Dogs with pica are actually not uncommon. Many dogs also eat flower pot soil, feces, Stones, flowers, plants and other things make the news, but this is obviously not conducive to the healthy growth of dogs.

The reason why dogs lack trace elements is related to the lack of trace elements in their usual food. Relatively large ones, especially if the drinking water is pure water, are difficult to replenish. Dog owners should replenish trace elements to their dogs in time. These can be done in daily dog ​​food or supplemented alone.