It was the first time a woman bathed a rabbit. She had no experience at first, but then she said she was blown away by the cuteness.

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We all know that bathing pets is a troublesome thing. Take cats and dogs as an example. Bathing is obviously for their own good, but every time you bathe them, it is as difficult as killing a pig. Many poop scrapers All said they had a headache.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming also understands this very well, because he is afraid of being scratched. Let’s take a look at the little story shared by this netizen below. It’s so enviable.

It was the first time for a woman to bathe a rabbit. She had no experience at first, but then she said that she was so cute.

This woman bought a new rabbit at home. Compared with cats and dogs, rabbits are not too well-behaved. They are neither noisy nor noisy and are cute. If you look at it for a second, you will be so cute that you can’t put it down. !

On this day, the woman felt that the rabbit had a little smell, so she decided to give it a bath. I didn't have much experience taking a bath for the first time, so I thought I would be in a panic. Unexpectedly, the rabbit was very good and it ended quickly. The woman also lamented that it was too simple. After the incident, the woman also felt confused: Isn't this a good life?

It turns out that many people advise women not to bathe rabbits, as it will kill the rabbits! The woman felt that it was not so evil, so she tried it this time. Unexpectedly, it went so smoothly.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming said that he was really impressed when he saw this rabbit. Compared with other animals, this rabbit is indeed much better-behaved. Perhaps this is also a reminder to everyone that if you want to keep a well-behaved pet, choose a rabbit. !

In fact, raising pets requires patience and care, otherwise it is impossible to raise them well. Although many people complain that it is difficult to bathe cats and dogs, there are also cats and dogs raised by poop owners who like to take baths. Veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that bathing is inseparable from the education of poop owners.

It was the first time for a woman to bathe a rabbit. She had no experience at first, but then she said that she was so cute.

Just like how elders evaluate children, they say how obedient and sensible some children are, and how naughty some children are. In fact, this is not only related to the child's own personality, but also closely related to the education of the parents. If you want an obedient and sensible child If your children are young, then parents should educate them from an early agein place.

Popular science from veterinarian Xiao Ming: Many people say that rabbits will die if they drink water. This is actually a rumor. Rabbits can drink water, but they have higher requirements for water quality. If they drink stale water, , diarrhea may occur, so it is best to feed them cool water and change them regularly.

In addition, rabbits can actually clean themselves, so there is no need to bathe frequently. You must use special shower gel to bathe rabbits, and you must dry them in time after washing, otherwise they will easily catch cold and get sick. Rabbits have fragile intestines and stomachs, so you must pay attention when feeding them.