After understanding these, you will know why golden retrievers are so popular

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In recent years, some short video platforms have not only made many handsome men and women popular, but also made many pets "Internet celebrities". For example, the two golden retriever dogs, Golden Retriever Tire and Divine Dog Preserved Egg, which are very popular on Douyin, have amazed countless audiences with their good looks and high IQ. They have countless fans and have reached the pinnacle of "dog life".

In fact, in daily life, there are many families I like raising golden retrievers< span style="font-size: 1em;">. But everyone seems to know very little about golden retrievers. Today, the editor will introduce you to the breed of golden retrievers.

After understanding this, you will know why golden retrievers So popular

First of all, let’s talk about its morphological characteristics . The Golden Retriever has distinct brows on the head, a broad skull, and the skull is connected to the muzzle; the distance between the eyes is wide, the eyes are dark brown, black and bright; the nose is black, with a strong upper jaw, and a complete scissors bite; the front and rear legs Straight, strong and muscular. The feet are round and firm like a cat's feet; the body is well-proportioned, the chest is thick, and the horizontal back and loin muscles are strong. The tail is kept parallel to the back, and the tail is curled or rolled up towards the back, but with less power.

Let’s talk about the character of the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is known as a "big warm guy", which is inseparable from its four personality traits.

1. Smart and easy to train

Golden Retrievers are smart and obedient. They are very willing to learn and rank third in the dog IQ ranking. It is said that the top ten dog training is very simple, you only need to teach it about ten times to remember the movements. Therefore, as long as the golden retriever has been trained, it will help the owner to do things, and it is no problem to take things at ordinary times. In addition, golden retrievers can also be trained as working dogs, guide dogs, explosive-disposal dogs, search and rescue dogs, companion dogs, etc. through professional training.

2. Sensible and docile

Because the golden retriever has a high IQ, it is very sensible and can observe wordsLook at the color. When the owner is happy, he will jump up and down happily with the owner. When the owner is unhappy, he will quietly accompany the owner and comfort him. In addition, the Golden Retriever is very obedient and friendly to humans. It is not aggressive, and it especially likes to play with the elderly and children. It can accompany the elderly and help take care of children.

3. Loyalty, protect the master

Although the gentle character of the Golden Retriever does not appear to be too aggressive, sometimes it looks like a "beautiful man" quietly, but in When the owner is in danger or when the owner gives an order, it will enter the fighting state vigorously like a knight. In the eyes of the Golden Retriever, nothing can threaten its owner, and it must ensure the absolute safety of the owner.

4. Very quiet, no barking

Golden Retriever is a very quiet dog, they will not bark for no reason. This is very good, because many dogs will bark loudly when they hear some trouble at night. For example, Erha always likes to dance in the middle of the night, which seriously disturbs the rest of the owner and others.

How about it? After reading the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of the Golden Retriever? In fact, the lifespan of golden retrievers is only 10-12 years, and they accompany us all their lives, so I hope that all the poop shovelers can give them more love and care for them in their short life~