How should huskies be fed correctly? Let's learn together, shit shovelers

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There is such a kind of dog, who will tear down the house all day long; play disco in the middle of the night; never win a fight, never lose a fight; Always act as if nothing had happened. Speaking of which, many dog ​​lovers must be able to guess what kind of dog it is, right? That's right, it's the second foolhusky.

How should huskies be fed correctly? Everybody shovel shit Let's learn together

Huskies have relied on their stupidity and cuteness in recent years With his temperament, nervous personality and super good looks, he is very popular and has become a pet dog in many families. However, since the husky comes from Siberia, Chinese people don't know much about its feeding method, and many shit shovelers have reported that it can't be raised well. Don't worry, the editor will talk about the feeding guidelines of huskies from several life stages today. I hope all the shit shovelers will study hard.

1. Lactation period (the first 3 months)

The body functions of the husky during the lactation period are not fully developed, and the intestines are relatively fragile, so breastfeeding is enough. If there is no breastfeeding, you can feed the puppies goat milk powder. Because goat milk is close to breast milk, has high nutritional value, and is easy to digest and absorb, it is very suitable for puppies.

2. Juvenile period (3-6 months)

Juvenile huskies are growing up. It is recommended to choose a puppy food that is rich in nutrition, high in protein and low in fat. This is helpful to the development of the puppies' bones and intelligence, and at the same time, it can supply vitamins, minerals, and calcium powder such as super calcium in an appropriate amount.

3. Maturity period (before 1 year old)

Generally, when a husky is 8 months old, you can change the puppy food into dog food, and huskies are generally before 1 year old Entering the mature area, it needs to be supplemented with nutrients in time to avoid malnutrition.

4. Adult dog period (1-10 years old)

Husky has grown up when it is 1 year old, which is equivalent to 18 years old for humans. this stageThe huskies of different ages will eat a lot, so increase the amount of food. However, it is not allowed to feed food with high oil and salt, otherwise it will easily cause the dog to have diarrhea and hair loss. It is recommended to choose high-quality dog ​​food with low salt and probiotics to ensure the absorption of nutrients, which can reduce diarrhea and hair loss.

In addition, the adult female husky may go through pregnancy and lactation, and the diet of these two stages should also be paid attention to. During pregnancy, the female husky should be supplied with sufficient high-quality dog ​​food to enhance the physical fitness of the female dog, ensure the healthy development of the fetus and prevent miscarriage.

During the breastfeeding period, not only must meet its own nutritional needs, but also ensure the needs of milk production. In the first few days after delivery, the bitch’s appetite is poor, so she should be fed less but more digestible feed, such as milk, wheat flour, egg yolk, etc., and drink more water (don’t drink cold water). After 4 days, the food intake will gradually increase, and it will return to normal in about 10 days.

5. Old age (over 10 years old)

When the husky enters the old age after the age of 10, the husky will take in calcium due to endocrine and other reasons The amount of calcium loss is reduced, and the amount of loss is increased, so they should be fed with high calcium content for elderly dogs, otherwise they should be artificially supplemented with calcium, while maintaining a certain amount of exercise. Otherwise it will cause osteoporosis and increase the incidence of bone spurs and fractures. In addition, elderly huskies have poor gastrointestinal function and reduced activity, which can easily cause constipation. Therefore, you can add some plant fiber to them to promote gastrointestinal motility. If the old husky's teeth are not very good, you can also change the hard dog food to soft dog food.

Although it takes a lot of courage to raise a husky, such as its anxious IQ, ability to destroy homes, excessive energy, etc., these are not things that can be controlled by ordinary shit shoveling organs . But it is because it makes two mistakes every day that it brings more vitality and fun to the life of shit shovel officers. I hope you have Erha at home, you must take good care of it~